The Millennium Epic Through Adversary, Love Blooms Unhindered

TITLE: A Shot in the Darkness

AUTHOR: Hannurdock



STORY TYPE: Third Person

CATEGORY: Action, Adventure, Erotic, Slash (Hannibal / Murdock)

LENGTH: Series 'The Millennium Epic' Story No. 1

DISCLAIMER: The characters are property of Cannell and company. 


(((( Vietnam, the end of the war is nigh ..... ))))

The hot, sweaty bodies of the two men clashed violently in the steaming jungle. Both men careened heavily into each other and fell to the ground, winded.

Hannibal was the first to get to his feet, his weapon aimed at the stranger, lest he be Vietnamese. He sighed in relief when he saw the features of Murdock staring back at him, looking startled.

"Easy, Captain. What's going on?" Hannibal asked, helping the younger man to his feet, and watched as Murdock tried to regain his uneven breath.

"Base has been attacked, sir. Morrison was killed in the shelling. I flew in to find you guys but you'd gone into the jungle." Murdock was breathing a little more easily, and sighed as he looked around himself.

"The mission is completed captain. BA has the yen, we're regular millionaires till we get back." Hannibal took a cigar from a sheath in his belt and lit it in a swift, rapid motion with a match.

Murdock watched the flame as it licked around the cigar, and licked his lips thoughtfully. It looked so good, and the Colonel looked so relieved when he puffed on it. Murdock began to wish he could try it.

"You ok, Murdock?" Hannibal asked worriedly, noticing Murdock's dejected expression.

"Yes Sir. Fine. Just wondering why you like those things" Murdock pointed at the cigar with a slight yearning.

Hannibal smiled. "Ever tried one, kid?"

Murdock shook his head. Hannibal passed over the cigar and Murdock took it eagerly to his lips, sucking on the cigar like he was having sex with it. Hannibal felt his underwear tighten, and cursed his erection. But Murdock's lips with that cigar, made you wonder what those lips could do elsewhere ....

Murdock passed the cigar back to the Colonel after a long drag, and momentarily their hands touched. Murdock started as he felt the flesh of his hand rub against Hannibal's hand, and looked worriedly towards the Colonel who simply smiled back.

"What's wrong, Captain?" Hannibal asked gently.

Murdock cleared his throat in embarrassment, feeling his erection sticking out like a sore thumb. "Nothing, Sir. We'd better make a move, hadn't we? Before Kong troops find us? We need to get back to the chopper, find BA and Face."

Hannibal shook his head. "BA and Face will be fine. More worried about you, kid. Got no experience of the jungles like we have."

Murdock sighed, and smiled. "More experience that you'd think, Sir" He gazed up at Hannibal at this point, and looked directly into his eyes. With even gazes the two men watched each other intently before the sounds of the VC forced them to look away.

Hannibal signalled for Murdock to follow him, and they trekked through the undergrowth, Hannibal scanning the ground for any sign of traps. Murdock followed close to the Colonel, and felt a rough hand shove him to the floor, followed moments later by a bullet.

Hannibal lay on top of the Captain, listening intently to the darkness. "A shot in the dark" he mused. "Nothing else. Must be a patrol, nothing major."

Murdock lay, unable to move, until the Colonel got up, and offered a hand. Murdock took the hand and didn't let go, instead he looked shyly at Hannibal with his large, brown, innocent eyes.

Hannibal smiled. "Not here, Captain. Not now. We gotta get outta this jungle alive. We gotta make our way back to the chopper."

Murdock shook his head suddenly, bravado along with desire urging him to speak. "I disagree. We both have erotic thoughts in our minds, I say if we do this now, it'll get rid of them, have our minds more on the job, so to speak". Murdock stopped, and closed his eyes expecting a blow to his jaw. It never came.

Instead, Hannibal merely smiled and sat down on the ground, indicating for Murdock to do the same. Laying his weapon to one side, Hannibal turned suddenly, and kissed Murdock fully on the lips, forcing him down to the ground with animal abandon. Murdock kissed in return, finding it hard to breathe under the Colonel's constant tender kisses, and felt his penis removed from the confines of his trousers and stroked gently by Hannibal. Murdock cried out, and Hannibal clamped a hand over his lips.

"Look, the VC will be crawling this area if we're not careful" Hannibal hissed, in a hushed tone.

Murdock nodded, and passionately moved against Hannibal's skilled hand, his orgasm rippling through his body, shaking his whole body, and he didn't make a sound. He gritted his teeth, and relaxed suddenly.

Hannibal wiped the cum away from his fingers, and kissed Murdock passionately on the lips.

"I can see you've done this before" Murdock said in awe.

"Once or twice" Hannibal said, dismissively, reaching for his gun and listening intently again.

Murdock looked at Hannibal, confused. "Hey! What about you!"

"Attention soldier! Maybe when we get back we can do it properly, but right now, I'll be happy with keeping us both alive" Hannibal whispered, and led the way through the pitch black jungle.

Murdock felt drained, and his foot slipped in a small hole. Crying out in pain, he fell to the floor for an instant and then struggled to his feet wearily.

"You alright, Murdock?" Hannibal asked, looking across at Murdock. Murdock struggled to walk to the Colonel.

"Just twisted my ankle, Sir." Murdock explained, wincing with pain.

"Will you be able to run if you need to?" Hannibal asked, taking Murdock's hand, and continuing to walk through the jungle, his gun ready in his other hand.

"I'll run" Murdock promised.

Thirty minutes later, Hannibal and Murdock reached the chopper.

"Where the hell you been, man?" BA complained, as Murdock staggered to the cockpit.

"We had to take the long way round BA, VC were everywhere" Hannibal explained, helping Murdock to a comfortable sitting position and sitting across from him.

"Face, you got the Yen?" Hannibal asked.

Face nodded. "Hannibal! Of course I've got it. Now to get back to Morrison with our booty, and mission successful!"

"Morrison's dead" Murdock piped from the front, as the chopper rose, and hovered momentarily before it continued its journey south.

BA gripped the seat in front of him harshly. "I hate flying!"

"Come now, BA ..." Face said soothingly. "There are much worse things than flying"

Suddenly a gunshot was heard from the jungle below, and the chopper began to spin, rapidly, out of control. Hannibal cursed as he held tightly, and prepared for a crash landing.


Murdock maneuvered the chopper, spinning wildly into a clearing and landed roughly, the three other men thrown from the chopper on force of impact. Murdock felt the metal crumple around him, and tried to free his legs, but they were stuck.

Hannibal got shakily to his feet, and ran to the chopper, the metal all twisted in the wreckage and saw Murdock, pale, unable to move as his legs were caught. Hannibal used all his strength to free the Captain, but it was too heavy.

"BA!" Hannibal called, and BA's huge form appeared. He was as pale as Murdock as he lifted the metal away from Murdock's legs easily and Hannibal pulled him free.

"Crazy sucker crashed the chopper" BA yelled, his voice full of terror.

"Put a sock in it, BA" Hannibal said, feeling Murdock's forehead gently. "He's got a temperature".

"This fuckin' country" Face swore, as he paced around the three men.

"Face, calm down, ok?" Hannibal said, reaching out and pulling Face down beside him. "Murdock's sick, we gotta get him outta here."

"I can hear the VC" BA hissed.

"The war's over!" Face exclaimed.

"Hey, look at it realistically kid. We just robbed the Bank of Hanoi, the war has just ended. Chances are VC are still combing the area, and with the bank robbery, that'll really make the chances turn against us" Hannibal shook Face's shoulders gently. "We gotta stick together on this one, kid".

Murdock groaned and Hannibal leaned close to the Captain, so Murdock could feel the breath on his forehead. "Stay with me, kid" he whispered. "We got some promises to keep when we get back".

Murdock smiled, and returned the Colonel's wink, as he lifted himself up bravely and steadied himself against Hannibal. Hannibal put his arms around the injured man, and rubbed against Murdock's penis with his hand. Murdock straightened, feeling the hand against his trousers, and smiled longingly at the Colonel.

"You wanna get back home in one piece?" Hannibal whispered suggestively.

Murdock nodded, lust consuming his thoughts once more. "Of course, can't wait to discover what surprises wait back at the base".

Hannibal grinned, and helped Murdock to walk. "How's those legs, Captain?"

"Weak, numb. But I aint dead yet. I'm definitely gonna make it home." Murdock smiled at Hannibal. Hannibal smiled back, and looked around to ensure the others weren't watching. Then he kissed Murdock briefly on the lips.

"You believe it, Murdock. When we get home, we're going to keep goin' all night long" Hannibal whispered, helping Murdock along.

"Man this Yen is heavy!" BA growled.

"BA, I'm afraid you're the strongest guy here - you gotta carry it back" Face said, laughing.

Hannibal carried Murdock for a while, and then stopped, noting how pale the Captain had become.

"Hannibal, you sure he'll be alright?" Face asked.

Hannibal nodded, stretching his arms ready to carry Murdock once more.

"He don't look alright to me" BA shook his head.

"So what are you saying, guys? Leave him here? We never done that before, and we'll never do it" Hannibal shouted. Face and BA turned crimson in shame.

"Look, I say we take an hour's rest here. We're tired and we keep getting at each other's throats" Hannibal suggested.

Face and BA acknowledged this with a slight nod, dropped their equipment gladly to the ground and BA carefully placed the bag with the loot on the ground.

"BA, you take the first watch, 20 minutes, I'll take the second, Face take the third" Hannibal said, throwing BA a sidearm.

"Right, Hannibal" BA said, smiling and walked away. Face sat back and slept soundly, as he always did under pressure.

Hannibal and Murdock were left alone in the darkness.

"Want a hand job, Captain? Keep you going till we get back?" Hannibal whispered into his ear, his voice filled with passion.

Murdock groaned, feeling the passion ebb slightly, only to build again. "Please ......"

Hannibal reached down and unzipped Murdock's pants, and slid his left hand inside, feeling Murdock's moist penis and rubbing gently down the shaft. Hannibal curled his fingers into a circle and rubbed up and down, extracting slight moans of pleasure. Murdock blushed, his face reddening as he climaxed against Hannibal's fingers. Murdock lay back, satiated.

"What the hell is going on over there" Face mumbled, turning over in his sleep and looking directly at Murdock and Hannibal.

Hannibal quickly took his hand out of Murdock's pants, dripping with cum, but it was too late. Face turned away, feeling himself grow hard, and tried to sleep again. He decided the best way to get over this feeling of arousal was to masturbate, and he silently worked his penis, and felt Hannibals arm on his shoulder suddenly.

"Face ....." Face looked up and saw Hannibal watching him rub his penis, the small blanket had been removed.

"Fuck!" Face swore, and turned away from Hannibals scrutinous gaze. Suddenly he felt himself being lifted and he tried to fight Hannibal, but the other man was too strong. Then he felt himself dropped roughly on the ground. He saw Murdock's and Hannibal's eager face's above him.

"Want a little of the action, Lieutenant?" Hannibal asked, unzipping Face's pants very, very slowly.

Face just nodded, feeling his passion rise, unable to do anything except watch Hannibal's fingers pry open his zipper, and take down his trousers gently. He watched as Murdock began to gently caress his body, and felt his orgasm building quickly.

Murdock leaned forward and kissed Face fully on the lips, feeling Face gasp in pleasure. Hannibal leant down and took the throbbing organ into his mouth, sucking gently on the tip of Face's penis, feeling him buck against his mouth. Murdock continued to work Face's mouth, feeling every inch of the sweetness with his tongue. He felt Face shudder as his orgasm ripped through his body. Face arched against Hannibal, trembling as he came, gushing his cum down Hannibal's throat.

Face relaxed, and closed his eyes, totally spent. Hannibal grinned, and lifted him gently back to his small spot, and covered him with the blanket. Winking at Murdock, Hannibal took his weapon, and relieved BA from his watch.

After Face had spent his 20 minutes on watch, the team started out again, nearing the base. Welcome sounds of American voices greeted their ears, and they rushed out to be embraced by their fellow soldiers. Murdock was taken to the infirmary immediately.

Colonel Roderick Decker listened quietly as the team went over the events surrounding the mission with glee. Hannibal watched as a Corporal counted the Yen.

"How much in American dollars, son?" Decker asked.

"One million, Colonel. I never seen so much money". The Corporal answered.

Hannibal grinned and lit a cigar, watching General Tailor intently. The General didn't move or say anything for about five minutes. Hannibal began to get a bad feeling about the situation.

"Well gentlemen. You say Colonel Morrison gave you orders to rob the bank of Hanoi?" General Tailor asked.

Hannibal nodded, his expression more serious. Something was happening here, something he was sure he wouldn't like.

"But Colonel Morrison was killed in an enemy shelling. There is no proof of your mission because it went up in flames with him, right?". General Tailor folded his arms against his chest and waited for Hannibal to answer the question.

"Yeah, but Morrison told us it was a mission that could end the war. We were all in favour of that at the time. It was a secret mission, but he assured us that high ranking brass knew about the mission" Hannibal said, a little worry creeping into his voice.

General Tailor sighed and unfolded his arms. "Colonel Smith, let me paint a clear picture for you here. We had no idea that a mission like this was taking place. It seems awfully suspicious that you robbed the bank of Hanoi without a signed order".

"There WAS an order! It went up in flames with Morrison. I thought we had established that!" Hannibal said, feeling exasperated.

"So YOU say, Colonel. I'm afraid from here it looks like you, Peck and Baracus initiated a bank robbery for your own ends. I'm afraid there will be a court martial to establish your innocence, or whether you are guilty. Do you understand that?". Colonel Decker said.

Hannibal nodded, wondering why Murdock hadn't been implicated, and being thankful that he hadn't.

"As for Captain Murdock, as he was not a part of the original ..... 'Mission' .... he is not guilty of any crime. He will be shipped back to the United States as soon as possible. There have been questions raised for a while regarding his mental health, and he will be thoroughly tested at the Veterans Administration" Colonel Decker continued, watching the relief on Hannibal's face.

Murdock sighed. He hated having to fly back to the States. He wanted to stay with his unit, but couldn't becuase of the extreme political pressures regarding the robbery of the Bank of Hanoi. The vietnamese were after blood, and the court martial wasn't going in the A-Team's favour.

Worse still, Murdock was unable to consumate his relationship with Hannibal, at least for the time being. He wanted them to be inside each othe properly, cement their relationship properly. But all that was not going to happen for a long time.

He kept thinking back to Face, and the night when they had experienced each other briefly. Confusion clouded his mind, and Murdock began to reel in the possibility of himself and Face. He began to knock his head against the wall consistently, and began to moan.

Murdock swayed a little as he was brought off the plane. He clutched a paper to his chest, the paper that reported on the A-Team's trial to date. He was vaguely aware that he was being taken to a mental institution by car.

His mind swam as he looked up suddenly, a little confused. "I thought I was going to the VA?".

"Nope, Braithe's mental institution, son". An orderly said.

Murdock got out of the car and wandered up the steps into Braithe's, a feeling of foreboding making him feel ill. He had a terrible feeling about this. However, he resolved to go through any treatment offered, if that meant he would be able to rejoin his team, and help them at the trials.