The Millennium Epic Through Adversary, Love Blooms Unhindered

The A-Team: First Date, First Impression

Author: Georgina Ann Price

Rating: R

Standard Disclaimer:  I make no profit from writing these stories, I do them for fun and enjoyment.  Characters owned by Stephen J Cannell.

Murdock stared in the mirror, looking at the reflection with a hint of pride.  He'd gelled his hair back, slapped some very expensive aftershave over his skin and smelt like the he'd just escaped from a Rackam's Perfume Department.

He suddenly looked away, his mind confused.  What happened if his date didn't like his appearance.  He looked at himself more closely, deciding he looked gaunt and silly.  Sighing heavily, he helped himself to a glass of sherry, pondering whether to call the whole thing off.

"Boy, someone smells good this evening" A voice behind him said gently.  Murock turned to see his date smiling casually at him, totally in love.  Murdock wondered how Face had got in, and then caught the set of lock picks in Face's hand.

"Good to see you Face.  Glad you could make it".  Murdock walked forward and embraced Face tightly. Face, sensing the insecurity, embraced Murdock hard, refusing to let go.  Time stood still, as did the first time they kissed, and both men held onto each other for dear life.  Afraid to let go, afraid to open their eyes and return to the grim harshness of reality.

"What's the plan for tonight, Murdock?" Face sighed, and felt himself being pulled towards the sofa.  

"Dinner, here.  A little slow dancing and a little love making.  Just a little romance, nothing over the top" Murdock explained guilty, wishing he could afford to take Face out to the plush restaurants he so loved.

Face groaned, feeling himself harden instantly when the word 'lovemaking' passed Murdock's lips.  He pushed against Murdock, letting him feel how turned on he was, and then pulled Murdock's hand down his trousers and into his pants.  Murdock fondled the growing organ and smiled to Face.

"See how turned on you make me?" Face said casually, sitting on the sofa, and patting the seat beside him.

"First things first.  Food" Murdock grinned.

Face groaned and watched as Murdock went into the kitchen and began preparing the dinner.  While Murdock was away, Face quickly undressed and then walked casually into the kitchen, naked.

"What's to eat then?" Face asked absent-mindedly.

Murdock turned to answer and then dropped the wooden spoon in shock.  "Dear God!!".

Face looked shocked, and worry passed his features.  "What??".

"Look at the size of that thing Face.  How do you keep it in your pants, doesn't it pop out?" Murdock's eyes widened at the size of Face's member, standing proud before him.

Face laughed easily, sitting on the floor and watching Murdock intently.  "Its usually a little softer than this".

"I would hope so" Murdock mumbled, turning back to the dinner, and refusing to look at Face naked beside him.  He was becoming hard, and didn't want Face to catch on until later.

Face, however, was in a playful mood.  He crawled towards Murdock on his hands and knees, amused that Murdock was trying to ignore him and continue making dinner.  He knelt between Murdock's legs, and undid the buckle of his trousers.

Murdock squirmed.  "Can't this wait until later, Face?".

Face shook his head, releasing the throbbing organ from Murdock's pants and engulfing it with his warm, wet mouth.  Murdock groaned and felt Face expertly manipulate his penis, sucking it, licking it.  He felt himself cum almost immediately, and cried out Face's name as he trembled in pleasure.

Face swallowed Murdock's salty cream, and smiled as the organ softened.  Without saying a word, he put the organ back into the confines of the pants and did up the trousers.  Then he went and sat by the wall again, smiling strangely at Murdock.

Murdock kept looking across at Face, sitting naked by the wall, put the heat on low, and went to sit by Face's side.  He was still glowing from the amazing blow job, and wondered if he could make Face feel the same.  Sitting beside Face, Murdock took his naked frame into his arms, smiling at the younger man.  "We have a little time to ourselves before dinner, so I suggest we make good use of it". Murdock let Face go momentarily, kissing him fully on the lips.

Murdock scooped Face's slight frame into his arms and carried him over to the bedroom, laying him down gently and removing his shirt, and trousers.  Face looked at Murdock's body longingly and licked his lips in anticipation.  Murdock lay atop Face, feeling the hard organ against his leg, and started to kiss Face's body all over, making him squirm in pleasure under Murdock's gentle touch.  Murdock traced a line down with his tongue, to Face's groin, and started to lick the hardened shaft before him, making Face beg for his touch. Smiling, Murdock took the whole length into his mouth, sliding his tongue in and out of the slit at the end, starting a gentle rythmn which became faster and faster with each groan.  He felt Face shudder as he came, and then left him lying, spent on the bed.

After a couple of minutes, Face got up, and put a robe on.  He left the bedroom and returned to the kitchen to see Murdock still trying to finish dinner.

"No more distractions, Facet. Gotta finish this meal" Murdock said, pointing a finger at the Lieutenant.

Face nodded. Although seeing Murdock in just a pair of pants, with no trousers or shirt was making him hard again. Murdock's body moved delicately as he stirred the dinner before him.

Finally, they were both sitting eating at a table with a single candle in the centre. Murdock licked his lips at Face.  Face smiled, and ate the food - surprised at how good it was.  Murdock was an extremely good cook.

When the meal was finished both men eyed each other hungrily.

"Want to go back to the bedroom?" Murdock asked, his voice low and exquisite in the dancing light of the candle.

"You bet" Face said, rising from his chair. He knew Murdock was following him to the bedroom, but didn't turn. Instead he just smiled and continued to walk into the room. He felt Murdock's hands on his shoulders, dislodging the robe, so it fell at Face's feet. Again Face was naked before Murdock.

"You are so vulnerable Face" Murdock said, embracing the younger man firmly, and leading him over to the bed. "I'll always be here.  With you".

Face sighed.  His erection rubbed against Murdock's as they began to kiss and stroke each other. Needing each other.

Face reached out for the small tube of lubricant, and forced Murdock onto his back. Murdock laughed, and bit Face's nipple slightly making Face yelp.

"Hey!" Face said, drawing back slightly.

Murdock put a finger to his lips and reached out for the tube of lubricant.  "I know you want me Facey. But you are so impatient.  Here, let me show you how its done".

Murdock lubed his finger, and made circling movements around his asshole. Face watched intregued as Murdock entered his own hole.  "See, this is how you do it".

Face was rock hard.  He desperately wanted to help Murdock, but knew this was important for Murdock. Murdock felt like a teacher, and Face was always the eager pupil. Even if he really didn't need lessons.

"Okay Facey. Put your cock here and slide it in" Murdock instructed.  Face whimpered and placed his cock at the entrance of Murdock's ass.  He slid it in gently, feeling the warmth surround him and he cried out.

Face began to pump inside Murdock, building a rythmn.  Murdock felt Face take his own cock in his hand and pump it delicately.  

It was too much for both men. They collapsed, convulsing against each other as they came at the same time.

Face rolled off Murdock, and sighed.  It had been the perfect first date with his best friend and lover.  He felt Murdock's soft breathing against his neck and knew the pilot was already asleep.

"This has been so special" Face whispered to the sleeping Murdock. "Thank you for making my first real date with you something I'll never forget".

Murdock groaned, and put an arm around Face's waist, drawing him closer, spooning them together.

"Goodnight" Face sighed and closed his eyes.