The Millennium Epic Through Adversary, Love Blooms Unhindered

TITLE: Hannibal’s Tale

AUTHOR: Hannurdock


WARNINGS: Sexy Vamping Sequences

STORY TYPE: First Person (short fic) / Sequel to 'The Lover'

CATEGORY: Horror, Vampires, Homoeroticism, Crossover with 'Interview with the Vampire'


DISCLAIMER: The characters are property of Cannell and company.

I had always been in control, a leader. Someone who could plan for even the most outrageous of situations a month in advance. However, I did not anticipate, foresee or plan for what happened to the team this time.

Its not that I’m complaining. I kinda like the fact we’re immortal. The killing thing, well, I’ve got a long way to go before I accept my new nature. I kill only the evildoers, the thieves and the high criminals in society. Those who seem to have an immunity to the police. Those who will never be caught. That’s my excuse for what I have become.

What I have become? Well, in the heat and sweat of Vietnam, amongst the brain swimming in confusion and tinged with a little fear, I saw him then. He was young, a little brash, confused and very good looking. I glanced across. Half his unit had been taken down, and he was looking to me with those bright blue eyes for a plan.

Could I let the kid down? I don’t think so. It came to me like a flash, like my last memories of being mortal fade and come back in sudden flashes to haunt me, the plan to end all plans. The mother of all plans. I told them to get the hell outta there.

As those small and faded memories besiege me now, I try to concentrate on the main reason for me narrating my life story. That’s the rebirth, the change from mortal to immortal in a single night. Face was the first to undergo the change, led into the shocking and astonishing world of the undead by a vampire called Lestat de Lioncourt.

Face had this wonderful plan to convince all of us to join him in eternity. I wasn’t so sure. I mean, come on, a vampire? Damn it, stood against everything I’d ever fought for. I said point blank, NO.

Then Murdock had been fatally injured in an assignment. I remember sitting there next to him, listening to the equipment monitoring his slowing heartbeat, and looking across to Face with pleading eyes.

Face had always loved Murdock, hadn’t he? When Face looked at Murdock now, so close to death, his expression was of complete terror. How on earth did he think I felt? I may be the leader, but that doesn’t mean I have a heart of stone.

Face sank next to Murdock, on the other side to me. I was holding Murdock’s left hand tightly, Face clutched Murdock’s right hand to his heart. I felt completely helpless.

"Save him, Face" I choked, trying to keep inside the emotions, trying to remain the one in command even though I damn well knew who really was in control.

Face smiled at me, as if this had lifted a weight off his mind, and he leaned forward to bite Murdock’s neck. I felt my reflexes as my hand clutched at the bedcloth in horror, trying to stop myself from lashing out at Face with my fist.

Then I saw something which made me relax. Just at the moment Face was about to tear the skin, he whispered into Murdock’s ear. “I love you Murdock, I won’t let you go” and kissed the skin of his neck gently before penetrating.

This calmed me, strangely enough. I watched as Murdock paled slightly, and the machines went wild with his straining heart. I looked at Face, and then worriedly to the machines as his heartbeat had almost stopped. Face drew back, and looked at me.

My eyes locked onto his, and he stood there for a moment, savoring my reaction. Then he bit into his own wrist, and put the wound above Murdock’s open mouth. Murdock’s eyes flickered open at the first taste of Face’s blood, as if he could sense eternity was through the bleeding wrist, and started to suck, his eyes darting wildly between looking at me and looking at Face.

I clutched to the bed tighter, my heart was racing and I looked at Murdock. The unnatural sheen invading his skin looked both disturbing and glorious both at the same time. I broke out into a sweat.

Face withdrew his wrist from Murdock, gingerly rubbed at it for a moment, and then Murdock sat up. He looked around himself, a childish smile playing on his lips as he saw me sweating profusely in the corner.

This was wrong I knew it. It wasn’t even the exchange between Face and Murdock, the eternal blood passing between them, it was something else. I got up shakily, and left them both alone, walked out of the room and into the night.

Lighting up a cigar, which I was positive would make me feel better, I quite literally keeled over. I tried to feel for my pulse, and started to wheeze. Oh great. Heart attack is all I need. I was panicking as I knew if Face discovered me here, he would seek to turn me into a vampire also.

My heart felt like it was going to explode. All I could think of was that I had survived Nam, fifteen years on the run from the MPs, and finally what does me in is watching an initiation into the world of the undead.

Calm down, I kept telling myself. This is it, keep silent. Don’t let Face discover me here like this, dear god. He’ll want to turn me too. That’s the last thought I had before I passed out.

When I awoke I sensed something. I was in an enclosed area, a small box, my arms neatly folded against my chest. So this is death. Being stuck in a dead body, and the spirit is never freed. Well, not quite.

I heard a creaking sound, and then a beam of artificial light from some lamp or lightbulb struck my eyes. Then I saw Murdock standing above me, smiling down upon me.

"He’s awake" Murdock commented as Face joined him, watching me with preternatural beauty. They looked like ravens in my darkness, and I could barely stand looking at them, so I turned away. The situation cleared and I realised the inevitable had happened. They had made me into a vampire without my consent.

"Murdock did it. We had to, you would have died." Face said, his voice sad with his emotions, his fears.

"You can read my mind? Perfect" I said sarcastically.

"Not me. Just Face. I can’t read your mind because I made you." Murdock said, gleefully looking at me as if I were the ultimate creation.

"Where’s BA?" I mumbled, wondering if this unholy trinity had become the four I’d feared from the day I had discovered the truth about Face’s unusual skills.

"He’ll be with us soon" Face said soothingly.

"So you are gonna turn him too?" I sighed.

Face looked at me sharply. "Listen. I respect you as always Hannibal. But you don’t know all the facts. We’ve been dying for a while now."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"If not the attack, cancer would have claimed you. You think BA isn’t dying? Think again. There’s a million deadly afflictions. They would have claimed him anyway so why not stop it before death takes him away from us?" Face was angry.

"Maybe he doesn’t want to come" I said weakly, struggling to sit up.

"He’ll change his mind" Face said bluntly, helping me out of the coffin.

"I felt an overpowering need for blood suddenly, and felt my vampiric instincts kick in when BA entered through the front door, calling our names.

"You want him, don’t you?" Face asked me sympathetically. "I think that’s a good idea. I made Murdock, Murdock made you - you can make BA"

"Your kidding!! I haven’t got a clue what to do!" I yelled, hearing BA follow our voices, and enter our room, staring confused at the open coffins.

"What’s going’ on?" He said angrily, watching my unnatural eyes with a hint of fear.

"You’ll be fine. We’ll pull you away long before you have a chance to kill him, then all you do is make him drink from you." Face explained, ignoring BA standing with mouth wide open, looking at them all.

Murdock rose off the floor suddenly, and floated above BA. "See BA? I can fly!"

BA took a step back, and ran to the door which slammed in front of him before he could get out. "Let me out, damn it!" BA swore, as I felt myself drawn towards him.

He stopped trying to pull open the door, and turned to face me. I had never sensed such vulnerability, as I sensed from his thoughts now. He was in a blind fear, and I felt a terrible sense of dread overpower me. BA literally thought I was going to kill him, he had worked out what I had become. He punched me hard in the face suddenly, and I didn’t flinch. I heard him gasp in horror as the bones in his hand had broken.

I looked over to Face and Murdock. They smiled encouragingly at me, but quite suddenly I had a change of plan. I stared coldly at BA.

"Sergeant! Stand to attention!"

BA frowned, his mind confused, his pulse racing. However, pulling rank had worked to soothe away some of the confusion and he stood shakily before me. I cut my wrist and BA watched the blood flow with undisguised disgust.

"Sergeant, I want you to drink my blood" I ordered.

BA cleaved to the door as I moved forward more, until the bloodied wrist was under his nose. He turned away, and I sighed when I saw the wound on my wrist had already healed.

"BA! Do it!" I shouted, cutting my wrist once more. BA was still refusing, so I reached for the back of his head with my free hand, and forced him upon the wound, feeling him start to suck, the blood allowing me to glimpse and understand his memories.

I moved closer to him, still allowing him to suck from my wrist, and turned him around, so he was facing away from me. His eyes were tightly closed as he continued to drink. I sat him down in front of me, and wound my legs around him. Leaning forward, I cut his neck with my fangs and drank from him also.

The connection of the circle felt as if a fire had exploded within my heart, as the blood was transferred from one body to the other. BA started when his heartbeat slowed dramatically and I ordered him to keep drinking.

Memories, of being misunderstood and feared. I felt like my heart would explode with these revelations of BA, each one more precious with its intensity. I felt his sigh against my wrist, and realised he was reliving my memories, as I was reliving his. After a few moments, we lay down together, the connection between us stronger than anything I had ever known.

At last we stopped. I saw BA’s eyes closed, and I panicked suddenly, willing him to come awake, to show me I had done this right.

"BA?" I whispered tenderly. His eyes opened and I looked at the preternatural sheen invade his skin, the iridescent quality of his eyes. He was a vampire.

"What you done sucker?" BA groaned, feeling his two front teeth, wondering why they were so long.

"Brought you to me" I said, kissing his forehead and wrapping my arms securely around his shoulders. Face and Murdock helped BA and I to our feet, and we stared at each other, unable to comprehend what we had become. All four of us.

I close my narration with a little story from Nam. When the unit was caught in a fire fight, ten men lost their lives instantly. I saw BA take a bullet, and managed to get over to him. He looked like he was going to die, and all I felt was failure. He saw my worried expression and gave me his little phrase which saw me through the roughest points in my life. He said. “Soldiers die, Colonel”. And he was right. However, we got BA out of that situation in Nam with nothing more than a slight scar.

When I saw BA after I had made him into a vampire, I saw not a soldier waiting to die, but eternity burning hungrily in his eyes .....