The Millennium Epic Through Adversary, Love Blooms Unhindered

TITLE: Having them out

AUTHOR: Hannurdock


WARNINGS: Slight Slash / MM

STORY TYPE: Third Person


LENGTH: Series 'The Millennium Epic' Story No. 8

DISCLAIMER: The characters are property of Cannell and company.

Face, being the A-Team's Romeo, had decided to splash out on his 'latest' girlfriend.

Scamming his way into one of the richest hotels in Los Angeles for two nights, he prepared a quaint supper for them both. Murdock was helping him.

"Muchacho, did anyone ever tell you, you have no idea what the word 'commitment' means?" Murdock asked. Face noted a touch of jealousy in the Captain's voice, and turned to look directly into his eyes.

"Hey, you were the one to break it off with me, remember? No fraternizing with the team, distorts our thinking. You told me it couldn't happen between us" Face said, the anger and hurt of Murdock's rejection causing him to blush. Of late, the relationship between himself and the Captain had soured. It wasn't just because of the memory loss, or being almost killed. Murdock had distanced himself, and Face had tried to figure out why. But he wasn't giving anything away, and soon Face had given up the idea of himself and Murdock together at all.

"Maybe I needed something from you" Murdock said, turning to the frying pan. A delicious aroma was wafting past his nostrils, and he breathed in the scent hungrily. He hadn't eaten properly in weeks.

"Well, what then?" Face asked, his voice betraying his hurt as he tried to contain the inevitable emotion that was building up inside him. He put his hands on his hips, but Murdock refused to turn around. He pulled the Captain around so they were facing each other.

"Why wouldn't you make love to me?" Face asked softly.

Murdock shook his head."I don't know. I just wanted to be safe with you, y'know? Be in your arms at night, wake up next to you. Believe you were really there, with me, of all people. I didn't want it to go further at that time." Murdock found himself becoming emotional, and tried to conceal this from Face.

Face shook his head. Suddenly the doorbell rang.

"You'd better answer that, it'll be her" Murdock said, turning his attention back towards the frying pan. "I'll be gone soon, give you two some room"

Face sighed heavily, and walked out of the kitchen.

Murdock steadied his emotions, used the time away from Face to gain some strength. Then he heard Face whistling as he entered the kitchen.

Murdock took the apron off, and began to walk to the door.

"Where are you going?" Face asked. Murdock turned around to see Face watching him, looking with those imploring blue eyes that had captured Murdock's heart from the moment he had seen them.

"Home to the VA. I need some sleep, I'll leave you two to it." Murdock said unhappily. Face shook his head. "I sent her away, Murdock. I think we need to talk".

Murdock hated it when Face said they needed to talk. He wanted to control his emotions, not have them overpower him. So he shook his head.

"Sorry, Face. I think it's long past talking time. Its over, remember?" Murdock said, edging closer to the door.

Face stood in the way. "You touch that door handle, and I swear you'll wake up in a few minutes with a black eye"

Murdock stopped, and turned around. His eyes were beginning to blur, tears were forming. Couldn't take the pain any longer, but he still had to be strong.

Murdock felt Face's lips brush his neck, and he closed his eyes. The sensation of movement causing the little hairs to stand up, and a slight ripple of pleasure spread throughout his body.

"You know somethin'?" Face asked, in a hushed voice. "Its OK to be afraid every once in a while. What's not OK is to clam up and not say a word. I know your feeling like shit Murdock, so am I. I didn't like that girl, I was doing it to piss you off." Face gently pulled Murdock around to face him, and put his arms around the pilot's waist, drawing him close. "Now, you and me are going to sit down, have a nice meal, talk and maybe if we both feel up to it, we can sleep together again. We don't have to have sex to love each other."

Murdock nodded, and sought Face's embrace, his tears flowing more freely now.

"Now, you've done enough work, sit down and let me do the rest" Face grinned, and went into the kitchen to continue the meal.

The next morning, Murdock awoke next to Face. He looked at the Lieutenant and his calm, peaceful expression, their arms and legs wound around each other tightly. He sighed deeply, as he realised he was naked and so was Face.

Face opened his eyes, and found Murdock staring at him.

"You OK?" "Did we ... do anything last night?" Murdock asked.

"Well, apart from you getting so drunk you kept telling me you loved me, and passed out forcing me to drag you into the bedroom. Apart from a little undressing, nope. Nothing out of the ordinary." Face smirked.

"Good. I don't want things to move fast, yet" Murdock said.

Face shook his head amiably. "You wanted to before you passed out. You kept asking me to take you from behind. You were more than slightly aroused."

Murdock blushed, feeling the redness in his cheeks as he turned away.

Face laughed, seeing he had touched a nerve. "Its OK, I wanted to, but thought it would be best to wait until you were in a more sober state of mind. Mind you, I've never seen you like that before. You were an animal"

Murdock sighed deeply. "So much for trying to keep control".

Face put his hand to his throat suddenly, wincing in pain. Alarmed, Murdock sat up, and took away Face's hand. He felt face's throat.

"Your more bloated than a bull frog, Face. This is the third time this month alone. Why on earth don't you just get them taken out?" Murdock asked, referring to Face's tonsils which had plagued him since he had first met Face twenty years ago.

"I don't like being put out, Murdock. What happens if I'm in the hospital under the gas, and Decker decides to show up. I'll be a sitting duck" Face said worriedly.

"Well, the team would be lurking around, and I'm sure we'd find a way to get rid of Decker" Murdock smiled, and winked at Face.

"Yeah, but I hate the idea that I'd have two weeks in a hospital. Decker would find me eventually, and put me in the stockade" Face complained.

Murdock shook his head. "You could recuperate all you wanted in the van. Set up a nice little room in the back, bed and all. We could take turns watching over you. You wouldn't be in any danger"

Face shook his head. He didn't like the idea of being unconscious and then wet-nursed by the team. But he decided to ask Hannibal's opinion anyway.

"Do it, Kid. They've been plaguing you for years" Hannibal said, puffing on his cigar. "So you'll be out of action for a few weeks. We'll take care of it."

"I just don't know" Face said, watching BA and Murdock as they sat listening to the dialogue. "I just don't like being a sitting duck, that's all."

"Wouldn't worry about that, Lieutenant. Sure I could scam my way into the operating room posing as a Doctor, that would cover you during the operation." Hannibal said.

"Yeah" BA said. "I could guard the front door from the van, make sure no unexpected visitors turned up."

"I could keep an eye out on the roof Murdock volunteered. "I could see for a good few blocks, if I see any flashing lights I'd be able to warn you"

Face looked uneasy. He hated the fact he couldn't trust the team as much as he'd have liked to, but felt he had an obligation to Hannibal. Hannibal knew Face's untrusting nature, and if Face agreed to the operation, Hannibal would be reassured of Face's trust to him and the team. Face sighed dramatically.

"Alright then. I'll do it. But if anything happens ...."

"I'll answer for it, Lieutenant. Now stop worrying." Hannibal cut in. Face nodded, he had never once questioned Hannibal's word.

The next few weeks were quite miserable for Face. He was shown around a ward he would recuperate in, knowing full well that BA and Hannibal were working on the van, making a little 'ward' of their own.

However, when Face looked at the effort they had made, securing a bed to the far side complete with television, radio and a little window (BA had actually cut the van to put a window in it!). Hannibal tested the metal blinds over the window. If they were involved in a fire fight the blinds would drop, protecting Face from any stray bullets, and a huge heavy strap would be used to keep Face from rolling off the bed if they had to cut a few comers, and make a quick getaway.

Murdock had prepared almost all the paperwork on behalf of Face, feeling almost obliged as his lover to act as his partner. "So, what is his name?" The Nurse had asked, filling out a legal form.

"Tempelton Murdock, maam" Murdock had said, naturally thinking of his own surname as a cover.

Then, the big day arrived, and Face was not allowed to eat anything. His operation was at midday, Murdock and BA were keeping watch outside, Hannibal was working his charm on the nurses, convincing them he was a medical doctor.

Face looked at the blue hospital robe with distaste. He preferred Armani, and had a sinking feeling something would go wrong. "How long will I be out for?" Face asked as the nurse tried to put the mask over his mouth and nose, a slight tremor in his voice.

"Not that long, Mr Murdock. You be still now while I put this over you" The Nurse slid the mask over Face, and his eyes started to close. Naturally, in those last few moments he thought of Murdock. And the name he had used to cover Face on the legal forms .....

Hannibal saw Face wheeled into the operating room and felt a surge of protectiveness flood his heart. He was in two minds whether to get Face out of the room right now, when the Doctor arrived and proceeded to make precision slits.

Hannibal watched Face's eyes flicker slightly. He was about to yell for more morphine when he realised that he was just asleep after all. When the operation was finished, Hannibal wheeled Face out of the operating room and looked down at him. Never had Face seemed more vulnerable, more in need of protection than he did now. Hannibal became more determined as he stealthily wheeled the unconscious man out of the hospital and to the waiting van.

Murdock, out of breath, suddenly came up to Hannibal. "Glad your out, got heat two blocks from here. Guess they've figured out who Mr Murdock really is"

"Mr Murdock? Murdock, are you two back together?" Hannibal asked. Murdock nodded, the happiness reflected in his intelligent dark eyes.

The wailing sirens of approaching MPs alerted the two men. Reaching the van, Hannibal undid the straps that held Face to the gurney, and lifted him gently into the van. Strapping him securely in the makeshift bed, and pulling down the metal blinds, Hannibal signalled for Murdock to get in beside Face, and then closed the van door. Then Hannibal got into the passenger seat and ordered BA to drive.

Face awoke a few hours later with a very sore throat. Groaning, realising that he had been in hospital before, he looked around and saw that he was in the van.

"Your gonna be suckin' your food through a straw for a while" BA commented.

Face tried to be sarcastic and say thanks, but no words came out. Murdock put a reassuring arm on his shoulder.

"You stay still now, Doc Murdock gonna look after you real good" Murdock drawled. Face smiled. The team had come through again for him.

"Want the TV on?" Murdock asked, eager to make use of the little touches they had made to the van, for Face.

Face shook his head, and held Murdock's hand.

"OK, we can just be together for a while first" Murdock smiled, and put his arm around Face, touching his face with his fingers. He was going to enjoy the next two weeks.

BA looked at Hannibal after observing Face and Murdock.

"Don't think I'll ever get used to them two being together" BA growled.

Hannibal shrugged. "Hey, could be much worse. It was always on the cards, just had to be careful how the pack was dealt, that's all."

BA nodded, and smiled to himself. He was already used to the idea. Maybe he even liked it. But of course, he would never admit to it.

Decker searched the hospital for the fourth time, wondering how Hannibal had pulled this one off. He promised himself, next time he wouldn't make it so easy for them to get away.