The Millennium Epic Through Adversary, Love Blooms Unhindered

Imagined Pleasures
By Hannurdock

Murdock glanced at Face worriedly.  His friend had been acting strange since that night when confessions of their mutual attraction had been discovered by both of them in a drunken blissful manner which ended in them spending a hurried and clumsy night of passion which neither could remember the day after.

Face looked totally miserable, his head in his delicate hand, his expression so confused and lost. Murdock had expected a continuation of the relationship, formed with drunken lust. He felt himself becoming upset.

"Face" Murdock whispered.

"Yes?" Face replied distantly.

"Why are you so down. I thought that night meant something to us both" Murdock stammered, humiliation clouding his words, guilt evident.

"Murdock ..... I don't remember what happened at all. Its embarrassing the hell out of me" Face confessed, locking eyes with the pilot.

"You confessed you were in love with me, and I .... I .... reciprocated the feeling" Murdock said clumsily, trying to evade the steely gaze of his friend and lover.

"I got drunk, Murdock. That's all" Face said, his eyebrows closely knitted together as if in deep thought. "Nothing happened. I swear".

Murdock's eyes were bright with unshed tears "You lied to me then, Facey? To sleep with me?"

Face shook his head, bemused "I'm positive we didn't sleep together, Murdock. This is insane! I don't love you, I would NEVER sleep with another man!"

Murdock whimpered, covering his ears from the harsh tone in his friend's voice and rocked himself gently.  The thought of Face denying their one night stand was worse than Face admitting he wasn't in love with him. Tears flowed from his eyes as he struggled to control his rising despair.

Face sighed and added "Besides ..... If I had slept with you Murdock I would have woken up next to you. As it was, I woke up next to BA.  You were sharing with the Colonel".

Murdock looked up in dismay. His thoughts were confused and bitter "So are you saying I imagined this, Faceman?"

Face shook his head thoughtfully "It wouldn't be the first time ....".

Outside the small padded room, Lieutenant Tempelton Peck watched  Murdock rock himself and talk to his invisible friend. The hallucinations were growing in intensity, and most days he was just clutching his slender body in a strong hug.

He was suddenly afraid that he would never be able to reach his friend, now insane from the torment he had endured during Vietnam. Cursing himself for not talking to Murdock before insanity had taken all reason and left the tortured soul he saw shaking and crying in the small room.

Face watched the curves of Murdock's hips, and the noise of his crying tore his soul. He looked at the tight backside and shook the forbidden thoughts from his mind. But the erotic movement of Murdock's arms as he wept were too mesmerising to ignore. Face shook his head to clear the passionate thoughts from his mind. "Erotic thoughts about Murdock! It wouldn't be the first time ...".

Leaving the mental asylum, Face walked to his corvette and drove away with a heavy heart.  Why did his feelings have to be so damned complicated.