The Millennium Epic Through Adversary, Love Blooms Unhindered

TITLE: Inner Torment 2, A New Beginning

AUTHOR: Hannurdock


WARNINGS: Slash - MM, Mental & Physical Pain, Torture

STORY TYPE: Third Person

CATEGORY: Drama, Action

LENGTH: Series 'The Millennium Epic' Story No. 7

DISCLAIMER: The characters are property of Cannell and company

Part 1: Flashback

"Put the gun down, Jacks" Hannibal warned. Jacks had a manic gleam in his eyes, as Face struggled weakly in his arms. Murdock started to move forward slowly, seeing the look in Jacks eye become resolute, final.

Jacks put the gun to Face's head, and Murdock, Hannibal and BA all started forward as one. Their mouths open in horror and fear as they heard Jacks pull the trigger.

"Noooo" Murdock yelled as Face fell limp to the floor, Hannibal had reached Jacks and barreled into him, the two of them fell heavily to the floor. Jacks tried to aim the gun at Hannibal, and fired. The shot caught BA in the arm, and narrowly missed Hannibal's head. Hannibal punched Jacks, and Jacks finally fell unconscious.

Hannibal felt time stop when he saw the blood seep from Face's head. Murdock was still screaming the word 'No' and BA was checking for a pulse, heartbeat, anything .... There was nothing. BA pulled himself away, and paced the room trying to control his emotions.

"Hannibal .... Hannibal ... can't be dead" BA kept mumbling, pacing, paling by the second.

Hannibal walked over to Face, and knelt beside the still figure, his legs felt like jelly. He sank beside the Lieutenant and raised him slightly. The blood seeping from his head was fresh and warm. Hannibal felt it between his fingers and looked into Face's calm features. He was peaceful, calm. Hannibal didn't need to search for a pulse. He had seen many men under his command die in Vietnam, and knew the bitter truth already.

For a moment, apart from BA's mumbling and pacing, and Murdock's 'No's, there was a silence, and then Hannibal felt his emotions explode. Fifteen years of restrained emotions came forth in a single scream which chilled BA and Murdock. They stopped and looked over at the Colonel amazed to see him sobbing uncontrollably.

"Hannibal ....." BA began, the sight of someone so proud crying enough to bring him out of his own grief, even for a short time. Hannibal couldn't hear, didn't want to hear. He felt all the years of regret flooding his heart, for this one. This one who had seen and survived so much.

Murdock was curled up on the floor, shaking. His breathing coming in short gasps as he tried to control the inevitable. He was completely losing his mind, and all the therapy over the years had become void in the single moment Face had been shot.

Hannibal felt BA dragging him away from Face and screamed more, desperately reaching out for Face. He saw Murdock shaking on the floor, he saw BA broken and silent now, all his tears spent. He looked at them both, and for once didn't know what to say to them. He kept looking at BA and Murdock, then down at Face, then back to the two grieving men and said in a soft, broken voice "Its over".

"What's over man?" BA asked amidst his grief, Murdock looked up, unable to help the Colonel in his own pure madness.

"The team. We could never, ever replace Face" Hannibal muttered. BA bowed his head, shaken.

"No ...." BA said, in a voice almost inaudible. Murdock cried, and cried, unable to stop. His madness so carefully controlled over the years threatened to destroy him.

Hannibal looked at Face once more, then heard the sirens that implied MP's. Ushering his two men to the van he went back one more time to look at Face. His features were so perfect, so handsome. For him to have been killed so brutally was unfair.

Jacks moaned and started to rise. He was rubbing his jaw where Hannibal had hit him. He looked at Hannibal, suffering so bravely under the circumstance and laughed evilly.

Hannibal looked over at Jacks, tears in his eyes, lifted his gun and shot him four times, twice of those in the head. Jacks looked startled and then his eyes closed, and he died.

Hannibal dropped the gun, quickly covered Face's corpse, and then rejoined his remaining unit in the van. They drove northward, away from Carltos Village and the evil which had descended upon them, and would forever alter their lives.

Part 2: Three Years Later

The handsome man looked at his new house with a hint of pride in his eyes. His wife Anne watched him with a slight smile.

"You know, I've never seen anyone so proud. You really have an ego trip about this one, right John?"

John looked over at Anne, lust evident in his eyes. "Well, we gotta have a nice big house to fill with all our kids, right?"

Anne laughed heartily. "Kids aren't bon-bons, John. You can't have too many of them, it'll wear me out"

John looked at Anne, and smiled. What made her so attractive? She had been by his side for fifteen years, and only now they were engaged. She had stuck by him through many situations. She had stuck by him when the other house had fallen through, when the car crash a year ago had almost taken his legs.

But, more importantly, she had remained with him through one of the most horrific ordeals of his life. Three years ago he had been severely shot in the head in a drive-by. Anne had had to watch, as his memories of her had evaporated, and they were forced to start again.

John was panicking again now, as he realised so many years of his life had disappeared. Anne hurried over to him, fishing an inhaler from his jacket pocket.

"Watch it John, you know what the Doctor said. Are you having flashbacks again?" Anne asked.

John shook his head. However, in truth the vague memories were coming to him once again. A jungle, he was shot in the leg shouting for help. Then a big, black man covered in gold jewelry. Then nothing but darkness. John felt like he'd collapse. Anne steadied him.

"Come on, try and enjoy the moment, John. Its our first house" Anne said, a hint of anger in her eyes.

John picked up on the slight inconsistency straight away. "First house?"

Anne shrugged. "Well, we're starting again right? Lets consider this our first house"

John nodded, looked at the house puzzled. It seemed so familiar, this house. That's why he had bought it. It had had a rough past, when four guys had practically brought the house down, so the estate agents had said. But it had been done up so beautifully, John was very pleased. But there was that familiar recognition, that was quite vague in the back of his mind.

It irritated him, this vague recognition of everything around him here, but the house felt safe and secure. He took Anne's hands and led her inside.

John looked around himself, feeling uneasy. He could almost smell bacon in the kitchen, could almost see the neighborhood block captain ...... not Captain .....Colonel ........

John whirled around as the doorbell rang. Anne opened it and John saw a man standing at the door introducing himself in an excited manner.

"Hi, I'm Joe Skrylo, neighborhood watch captain" The man explained, shaking hands with Anne. "Anything wrong, you come to me!"

"Talk about deja vous" John muttered as he went over to introduce himself to the block captain. Joe looked at John with a certain familiarity, then shrugged his shoulders.

"Nice meeting you folks. Hope you have a good time here. Its a lovely place" Joe said.

"Sure is" Anne looked around at the pleasant scenery, taking a long, deep breath. "This place is ideal"

Joe waved goodbye to the couple, and Anne closed the door.

"Phew, that guy looks more than slightly nutty" She said with a laugh.

John felt the strange familiarity settle on him again, and he struggled for calm. "Nutty? Anne, did I ever know anyone who came from a lunatic asylum"

Anne giggled, but looked slightly serious for a moment. "Apart from you John, there's no one I know who's nutty"

John grinned. "Well I'd better get someone to move the rest of our stuff from the old house, Anne"

Anne pouted. "I want to take a look at the bedroom first, John". She drew close to him, and John smiled.

"In a moment Anne, I'll be right up. You go ahead" Anne went upstairs, and John leafed through the phone book. However, his mind was becoming jumbled again, and he pictured a delivery van suddenly.

"Who says my memory is shot?" John mumbled to himself as he dialed in the number which had just come to mind.

"Lou's Delivery" Came a gruff voice from the receiver.

John smiled, he was right. This was a number for a delivery firm.

"Yeah, I'd like some guys to take some personal items from one house to another." John began.

The line became silent.

"You there? Look its only a few items, I'm sure however much it costs we'll be able to afford it." John rambled, becoming more and more uneasy.

The line was silent for about thirty seconds, then a shaken voice responded. "Who is this? Decker, that you? If this is your idea of a sick joke ...." John heard some whispered talking. So there were two or more people .......

John felt a cold sweat cover his body. The voice was so familiar, so striking in its authority. "I don't know anyone called Decker" John finally said.

The line was silent for a moment, and then another voice, less friendly than the first, asked John "Face, that you?"

John slammed the phone down in shock. The word 'Face' was too familiar, and John felt dread coming over him. Who were these people? Certainly wasn't a standard delivery firm. Maybe he had been a member of the CIA before?

John decided upon a single course of action. He would ask Anne. After all, he trusted her judgment more than anyone else's. She had been there for him for most of his life, or so he thought .....

Part 3: Truth before Darkness

John trudged upstairs with a heavy heart, and found Anne already undressed on the bed waiting for him. He smiled, and lay down by her side and she writhed in his touch, longing for him to make love to her.

"Baby, can I ask you something?" John asked.

"Of course, John. But can't it wait till later?" Anne asked, pouting.

John ran his hand along her thigh, and she squealed in pleasure, and kissed him fully on the mouth.

"Baby, its important" John insisted.

"OK" She said angrily, pushing him away, and dangling her feet off the bed.

"Do you know someone called Face?" John asked.

Anne looked at him, her eyes narrowing slightly. "Face? No, can't say I do".

"That's strange." John said confused. Anne came over to him and pushed him down onto the bed.

"What's strange, honey?" Anne asked.

"Something about that sounds very familiar. Almost like it was own name, y'know" John was still confused, and pushed Anne away gently, trying to get his mind to clear.

Anne was fuming, and walked over to her dresser. She put her clothes back on, eyeing John in a strange way.

"Do you know more than your telling me?" John asked suddenly. Anne walked out of the room, and went down the stairs. John sighed deeply and then decided to follow her. However, just as he was leaving the room he heard Anne talking to someone on the telephone. Hiding from sight, he tried to catch some of her words.

"Yes, its me. Look I know I wasn't supposed to call you anymore, but he's remembering things he shouldn't. He knows his name now. No, its not my fault. He acted strangely after he called the delivery van. OK, I can restrain him for a while longer, but then its time for you guys, that alright? I don't want to have to kill him"

John sank into the corner, his eyes wet with tears. What was going on? Who was he? Why was Anne betraying him. He finally realised what he had to do.

Anne put the receiver down, and jumped when she saw John standing directly behind her. "What's wrong, honey?" she asked, in a voice laced with poison. John shuddered.

"What was that all about?" John asked, pointing to the phone. Anne shook her head distantly.

"Oh, nothing. just work." Anne turned around, and her hand curled into a fist.

John came towards her, and grasped hold of her wrists.

"Who am I" He screamed, feeling like he was losing his mind.

"I can't tell you!" She screamed back.

John pushed her backwards, into the closet and locked the door. Then he went over to the phone, and dialed in a number. Anne pounded on the door angrily yelling to be let out.

"Lou's delivery" Came a thick voice from the other end.

John held his breath, afraid to speak. The familiarity and safe feeling that voice gave him was breaking his heart. He needed to find out who it belonged to, to feel safe once again.

"Hello, anyone there?" The voice was not as thick now, a strong commanding voice which struck John's heart like a fist. John decided to adopt another approach.

"Hi, this is ... um..... Face here" John said, wishing he didn't feel as foolish saying that strange yet familiar name.

The line went silent.

"Face? Where you been kid?" The familiar voice said. John nodded his head weakly. So he had been right. His name was Face.

"I don't know who I am. I've had amnesia for the past three years." Face said, his voice breaking slightly.

"That's OK, where are you? We'll come and get you." A feeling of relief came over John as he relayed his address to the man on the phone.

"Just one more thing" John said. "What's your name. I mean, your voice is so familiar, but I don't know your name."

"Hannibal" The man said. The name sent a chill through John, and he almost dropped the phone in relief.

"Thanks" John said. However, before he put the phone down, three armed men came through the front door.

"Face, you OK? What's that sound?" Hannibal shouted, as one of the three men put the phone down.

"Where's Anne, John?" The biggest man asked, putting the gun to John's head. John felt the cold metal pressed against his forehead and panicked slightly. Hadn't this happened before?

"In the closet" John stuttered. The big man went over to the closet, and freed Anne, who slapped John in the face.

"Bastard" Anne cried and took a small gun that one of the intruders was offering her.

A smaller man in glasses punched John in the stomach, and John fell to the floor in pain, winded by the sudden attack. Then the man knelt beside him and looked at John, shaking his head.

"Faceman, are we sorry you found out who you are. Means now, we'll have to kill you"

John looked pleadingly towards Anne as one of the men punched him out cold.

Part 4: The Van with the Red Detailing

Hannibal put down the telephone, looking towards BA.

"Was him, wasn't it?" BA said, thumping the steering wheel with one of his mighty fists.

"This time, I found out where he is. You won't guess where he's living" Hannibal said, a slight smile on the worn features of a man who had worried and felt guilt for the past three years. The jazz had left him for that time, however BA sensed a slight glint in the other man's eyes he hadn't seen for a while.

"We pickin' up Murdock first?" BA asked. Hannibal looked towards the sergeant, a look of sadness on his face.

"BA, we haven't done an assignment in three years. Murdock's safest in the VA. You know how he cracked after we thought Face was dead"

"We all cracked man" BA said angrily. "That's why we aint taken on any jobs for the last few years."

"OK, lets get moving" Hannibal said. "I got a feeling we're gonna have to have a few words with Joe Skrylo for not contacting us ......"

The van picked up speed, and turned a corner. Passing the Veterans Administration momentarily.

Captain Murdock was sitting humming in his room in the VA. Doctor Richter passed by his room, watching the man with a hint of sadness in his eyes. Ever since his best friend had been killed three years ago, all the progress he had made with the man had fell apart. He himself felt devastated by the loss of so much progress, but Murdock was not finding his days any easier, nor was he getting over the pain. Murdock was simply looking out of the window. He saw the A-Team van pass momentarily, and raised an eyebrow as he wondered where his friends might be heading. Maybe a new mission? It was about time. Three years had passed, and Murdock had hoped the team would recover a little by now. He knew in his heart however, that with Face missing a huge chunk of the team was gone.

Humming sadly, Murdock turned his attention to his video games, lacking the strength to turn the game on at all. He played against an empty screen, echoing his hollow and bruised heart.

Hannibal and BA pulled up outside the house they knew far too well.

"You think he's married?" BA asked, running up the steps with Hannibal, remembering Stevie Faith and their few weeks of residence in the house.

Hannibal shrugged. "Beats me. I just want to know its him and he's alive"

Seeing the door ajar from forced entry, Hannibal signalled BA to stop where he was. BA drew a small gun, and clicked off the safety, waiting for Hannibal's command. Hannibal edged his way carefully towards the door, and watched the scene from just outside.

The three men were beating the life out of John, with Anne watching almost appraising the scene. Hannibal and BA burst into the hallway, shooting at the three men who ran out the back door with Anne.

Hannibal knelt beside John. "My god, they couldn't have kicked him much more. Lucky we got here when we did, they didn't leave much"

John was curled up on the floor, his hands shielding his face. Hannibal prayed them away and stared in shock, turning white.

"Hannibal, you look like you've seen a ghost" BA commented. Then when he saw John, he grasped hold of the railing by the stairs to steady himself.

Hannibal shook his head. "Its really him. Face, can you hear me?"

Face heard Hannibal speak the name Face, which seemed so much more natural than John and opened his eyes. He saw the white haired man staring at him with such compassion, he saw the bright blue eyes, and the smile he knew so well. Memories came flooding back to him as he gasped in recognition. He saw BA by his side now, and everything began to haze, his eyes clouded.

"Hannibal, BA, what kept you guys?" Face said weakly struggling to get up. Hannibal laughed as he and BA helped the younger man to his feet.

Hannibal gave Face a warm embrace. "Welcome back, Lieutenant"

BA gave Face a hug, trying to keep the tears back. "How on earth did you survive the bullet, man?"

Face shook his head. "I don't know, BA. All I know is Anne has a lot of the answers, but she has gone with those three men"

Hannibal winked at Face. "I'm sure we'll find her."

Hannibal, BA and Face walked out of the house, and Face looked at the van. The recognition of the black van with the red detailing sprang immediately to his mind.

"Hannibal, can I ask you something?" Face asked. "Where's the vette?"

Part 5: The Reunion

Face looked around himself in amazement. The Veterans Administration had had quite a lot of work done to it in the last three years, but all his former scams he had pulled here were slowly coming back to mind.

As BA and Hannibal started to sweet talk a nurse about the strict visiting hours, Face wandered by himself along the corridors, picking a route which seemed natural, the many doors to his left and right becoming a blur. And then one which he stopped at which was familiar. Face looked through the small window at who was inside. He looked into the room and saw the man playing with the computer game, only it wasn't turned on.

Even the cap was the same, slightly askew on the man's head. The slight saddened humming was too heartbreaking as Face opened the door. The man didn't turn as Face slowly walked towards him. He kept humming in that heartbroken way. Then the man froze, and stiffened, and moved his head slowly, beginning to turn to face the intruder.

Face had reached him by that point, and ran his fingers along the creases of the worn leather jacket he knew so well, and feared this was just a dream. That he could wake up at any moment, and he would be crying from the pain of separation.

"Please don't turn around yet" Face begged. He continued to feel the jacket, and then he sat down next to the pilot. He could smell the leather, the musky scent of Murdock which was making his head reel in its familiarity.

"Don't." Murdock said, his voice cracking with emotion. "Please, don't. No more apparitions. Your dead."

The voice struck Face's heart with its finality and sadness, and he drew in a deep breath as he turned the pilot gently by the shoulders and looked into his eyes.

Murdock's eyes were wet with tears, and as bright as crystal as he gazed at Face, as if this were a dream he would wake up from.

Face felt Murdock's forehead, cheek and jaw as his hand explored the man's face, fascinated by the complete familiarity of the pilot, by the sadness in his eyes.

"I told you I loved you" Face said, overwhelmed with emotion. And then, so very gently he embraced his friend, his hand moving through Murdock's hair. He could feel Murdock's heart beating against his chest. He could feel the silent sobs shaking Murdock as he continued to hold him close, continued to run his fingers through the Captain's hair, dislodging the cap.

Murdock's hands clutched Face's jacket tightly, unwilling to let go, his head buried in Face's hair. Face suddenly moved away, and held Murdock's face, his shattered expression in his hands. Then he kissed Murdock full on the lips. Murdock responded, his lips desperate, pulling Face closer to him, his tongue searching for Face's tongue. The kiss overpowered them both, drawing them closer, their hearts locked together as they kissed in this powerful embrace.

Face drew back and looked at Murdock. "I love you, Murdock"

Murdock shook his head in wonder, looking amazed. "I knew that. Did you come all this way back just to tell me this?"

Face laughed suddenly. "I haven't been dead Murdock. Just lost. I couldn't remember who I was".

Murdock grinned, and together they shared a secret laughter. Reveling in the proximity, the tenderness and the giddy love they were feeling.

Hannibal and BA arrived at the door, and watched them, Hannibal smiling tenderly, BA looked quite disturbed.

"Don't know if I like how close they are, Colonel" BA said, looking at Face and Murdock, so close to each other.

"Get over it BA. They've been 'almost getting together' for fifteen years. About time it finally happened." Hannibal said, and walked into the room, leaving BA confused at the door.

"Murdock, we got our next mission. You want to come along Captain" Hannibal asked.

Murdock nodded, happily looking at Face, realising that Hannibal was agreeing to their relationship at that moment.

"Ready as always sir. What's the mission?" Murdock asked.

"We're gonna pick up a little bird who will tell us what happened to Face, and why he didn't remember us." Hannibal said.

Murdock nodded eagerly and took Face's hand in his own. "Then lets go"

BA watched the two men holding hands confused, and then shrugged. Whistling, he walked back down the corridor towards the van. He decided he could get used to the idea after all.

Part 6: The Mysterious Anne

The van came to a stop at Face's former residence with Anne. Face looked at the place uneasily, wondering why they were back where he had just been beaten up.

"So, how are we going to track Anne down, Colonel?" Murdock asked, jealousy cresting over the loving years Anne and Face had shared, Face ignorant of his past with Murdock.

"We'll go back to basics. Do you remember how to work out the evidence, Face? Piece things together?" Hannibal asked, looking at the young man.

"Not really." Face said puzzled. "Its been a while".

"Just like riding a bike Lieutenant. Years may fade the skill, but it just takes a little practice to get back in the rhythm of things" Hannibal explained.

Face looked at Hannibal, loyalty and admiration of the man already succeeding any doubts he had previously had. "I hope so".

"Faith, Lieutenant." Hannibal said, grinning as he lit a cigar.

They wandered around the house searching for clues, Face observing Hannibal with interest, feeling much like a third wheel.

Then he had an idea.

Leaving Hannibal's side momentarily, Face walked over to the telephone.

"Yes, Operator? Look, I need some help. There was some people my wife rang earlier to do some household repairs, I was wondering if you could give me the last three phonecalls."

Face noted down the three phone calls. The first one belonged to a friend who lived in Boston. The third number belonged to the van. Face circled the second number triumphantly.

Face turned to see Hannibal looking at him proudly. "Haven't lost the touch, have you?"

Face handed the number to Hannibal, and smiled. "Guess it is like riding a bike, Hannibal".

Hannibal dialed the number. "Answerphone ....." He said, looking at Face. "Ah, a place called Deepend Restaurant - ever heard of it?".

"Heard of it?!!" Face scoffed. "That's where myself and Anne went to eat on the weekends."

Hannibal mused. "Looks like some pieces of the puzzle are finally falling into place. Looks like they kept a regular eye on you".

"Who are they?" Face asked, exasperated. "Why did they do this to me?"

Hannibal put a hand on Face's shoulder, drawing him closer. "Whoever did this is gonna pay, you have my word on that. We'll find out".

Face nodded. Suddenly, Face and Hannibal heard a bang, and a slight scuffle upstairs, and ran up to see BA tackling Anne who was holding a gun in her hand, and Murdock holding his stomach on the floor.

"Let me go!" She screamed, as BA held her wrists more tightly, taking away the gun. "John, help me!"

Face ignored the request and dropped to his knee beside Murdock, undoing his clothes gently to find where the bullet had struck him. "Murdock ..." He said in terror.

Murdock hands grabbed his wrists suddenly, and his eyes opened. Face sighed in relief.

Murdock pointed to his chest. "Bullet proof vest, Face-Lover. Never leave home without it". Murdock grinned.

Seeing that Murdock was alright, Hannibal sat Anne down on the bed, and took out a gun from a hidden sheath inside his jacket.

Face looked at it in amazement, feeling the recognition flood his heart as Hannibal came towards him and gave the weapon to him. It was a gleaming Uzi, personalised. A gift from Hannibal to Face. 'Some day this will save your life' Face read, as he looked at the gift, tears in his eyes.

"My birthday." He stammered.

Hannibal nodded. "I was sure you'd remember it"

Face put the weapon carefully away, but Hannibal darted towards him, and took the weapon, clicking the safety on. "Gotta remember to put the safety on" He warned, smiling at Face. He handed the gun back, and Face tucked the weapon in his belt.

"Sorry" Face said, trying to remember his combat training. Hannibal just smiled. He didn't care less than Face couldn't remember how to use a gun, now that he was back with the team.

"What do you want with me?" Anne asked terrified.

"We want to know what you did to keep Face in the dark all these years, who you work for, and why he was put through this?" Hannibal explained.

"What I want to know" Face said. "Is how I survived"

Anne shook her head, tears forming. "I love you John. When they put you in the hospital, you were weak and close to death. The bullet miraculously missed your brain. These people left you, and you would have almost certainly died if my people hadn't stepped in".

BA shook his head. "But I searched for a pulse, Lady. There wasn't one"

Anne shook her head again, looking directly at BA. "You couldn't have searched that well. He was alive, barely. Maybe you were too shook up to notice, all of you".

"Why the show? Why keep him in the dark?" Hannibal asked.

"I can't tell you who I work for, they'd kill me" Anne cried, feeling desperation when she looked at 'John' and felt nothing but coldness in his expression toward her.

"Oh, yes you will" Hannibal asked.

Anne looked at Hannibal, her resolve melting through her terror. "There were four of them. Real rough. They recruited several others who had operations failing because of you guys. They nurtured Face to use for a company who wanted to experiment with amnesia and identity. They wanted to see if they could keep his former identity for five years a secret, at the end of the time, they'd kill him. I was asked to act as his wife".

"Name them" Hannibal ordered.

"I don't know all their names. I only know the name of my contact."

"Who is?" Hannibal asked.

"Doug Kyle." Anne said.

Hannibal smiled at BA and Murdock. "Doug Kyle, you say? Four, real rough? Looks like its our old friends coming back to haunt us".

"What do you mean?" Anne asked, her eyes widening.

"Doug Kyle is a crazy mercenary for hire. Him and his 'three stooges'. We've been against them before, when they tried to take us all out. Honey, you sure backed the wrong side." Murdock said.

"Harpers Dairy?" Face asked, looking at Hannibal.

"That's right, kid. Looks like the memory may be comin' back real fast". Hannibal looked out of the window, across the street. "They're hold up at Deepend Restaurant across town, aren't they Anne?"

Anne nodded, still in fear.

Hannibal grasped her wrists and locked her in the cupboard once again. "I think now we know who is behind all this - we should pay a visit to Deepend Restaurant and see our old friends".

Part 7: Doug Kyle

The A-Team van stopped across the road from Deepend Restaurant. Face looked at the place, the memories of Anne and himself eating here were filling his heart with fear.

"OK" Hannibal said. "Get ready guys, we're going through the front door".

BA growled angrily "Not the front door, Hannibal. These guys will be expecting us".

"Hannibal's on the jazz" Face quipped suddenly. All three pairs of eyes turned to face him as he shrugged.

"You got that right, kid" Hannibal laughed.

BA took the weapons out of the van, and handed an AK47 to Hannibal, who prepared the weapon, and then handed it to Face.

"All you have to do is pull the trigger" Hannibal explained. Face nodded, keeping the weapon as far away from himself as possible.

As soon as all the weapons were handed out, Hannibal took the lead and marched his team across the road. Hannibal reached out for the door, signaling Face to get behind him, and BA and Murdock to go around to the back of the restaurant.

Hannibal entered the restaurant, Face held onto Hannibal's belt, the restaurant was in pure darkness. Face felt for the light switch and found it, the room was suddenly flooded with artificial light.

In front of them, Doug Kyle and his mercenaries stood, weapons in hand. Doug looked at Face with a manic gleam in his eye.

"Well hello there" Hannibal said, unconcerned, trying to buy them some time before BA and Murdock got in to help them. "Long time no see".

"Took your advice, Smith" Kyle said, pointing at his team, ten people behind him, all loaded with automatic weapons.

"What's that, Kyle?" Hannibal asked, moving forward to shield Face more.

"Got myself a team now, Smith. Not a squad any longer. It worked too, kept you lot apart for three years." Kyle laughed.

Hannibal clapped his hands in mock amazement. "Didn't think you could do it. I stand corrected."

Kyle moved forward, and punched Hannibal in the stomach, doubling him over. Then he looked directly at Face.

"Well, looks like the prodigal son returns." Kyle smiled, and ran his hand along Face's cheek. Face drew back.

"How's your gay relationship with Murdock, you two queers" Kyle continued, drawing closer to Face.

Face reddened at the insult, and lashed out at Kyle. Kyle dodged the attack easily. "My, don't we fight like a puff".

"Shut up!" Face said, angrily.

Hannibal shakily got to his feet, holding Face back protectively. "If anyone is a puff here, Kyle its you. Your softer than a stuffed toy."

Hannibal was once again punched in the stomach by Kyle. He fell to the floor painfully.

"Feel like an outsider again, Face? Is that what you wanted? You and another guy on the run? Hell I gave you a wife and a past. What thanks do I get?" Kyle stepped over Hannibal and pushed Face against the wall.

Face spat at Kyle. "I'd give it all up for Murdock any day."

Kyle nodded sadly. "Then we'll just have to kill you Face."

Face prepared to die, his strength coming through his recollection of memories of Murdock, who he would never get to know intimately now.

Kyle, however, had other ideas. Gesturing for one of his men to come forward, he smiled at Face. "Oh no, not just yet Baby. Tell me, have you and Murdock done it yet? I don't think you have. What a shame you won't get the chance to experience him before you die".

Face stood his ground, glaring at Kyle. "Aint nothing I never tried" he said bravely.

"Really? Well, I'd like you to meet Kojad, one of your biggest fans" Kyle pointed towards the big man who came forward and stroked Face's hair. Face tried to move, but the wall stopped him.

Kojad held onto Face tightly, kissing him on the mouth. Face choked, and tried to pull away, but Kojad held onto him even more tightly.

"Boy, he smells so sweet" Kojad said, whispering into Face's ear "Turn around".

Kyle sat beside Hannibal, who was becoming conscious once more. "Ever been caught and then raped, Colonel?" Kyle asked Hannibal. Hannibal looked up at Face in horror. He tried to move, but Kyle had a gun trained on him.

Face turned around, speechless. He knew what was about to happen to him, but his world had become hazy and unreal. He begged God to forgive him, not to let this happen to him. He felt his trousers fall around his ankles, his pants fall also - and he fixed his thoughts on Murdock.

"Kyle, stop this" Hannibal said, choking as he saw the big man thrust himself into Face's backside. "I'll do anything"

Kyle just laughed and looked at Face, a wicked smile of triumph forming on his face.

Face felt himself pressed against the wall and held on to his thoughts of Murdock, grasping onto them as he felt his reason and sanity giving in. It was so painful, he didn't even hear the sudden shouts which startled Hannibal and Kyle.

BA and Murdock had finally got into the restaurant from the back. They were in a fight with the eight men. Even though they were outnumbered, they were beginning to win.

Hannibal had used the distraction to get the gun from Kyle, and trained the weapon on his adversary, the tables now turned.

Murdock started forward, unable to comprehend what he was seeing. Face against the wall, the big man reaching his orgasm. Then the big man turned and Murdock's gun exploded, the shot hit the man in the head, and he fell dead to the floor.

Face moaned and sank to the floor, and Murdock looked at him. He was unable to help him in his own pain, his feeling of horror that Face had been so shamefully violated. Face just looked up at Murdock, he strained to smile.

"Don't worry, Murdock. Its happened before. I can handle it" Face said, and then his heart exploded with grief and tears. Hannibal edged forward, and took the young man in his arms. Murdock, unable to keep away came forward also.

Part 8: One Day This Will Save Yours

BA tied the eight men securely. He looked up, and suddenly cried out "Hannibal!"

Hannibal turned and saw Doug Kyle, with a gun in his hand, walking towards Face, Hannibal and Murdock.

"Move an inch and I'll kill them, starting with Face" Kyle warned, as BA started forward. BA stopped dead in his tracks, and waited, unable to help.

Hannibal stood up, sheltering Face and Murdock. "Kyle, don't do this ..."

"Your gun, Colonel. Throw it, or I'll kill him. You too Murdock." Kyle said.

"Colonel?" Murdock asked in despair.

"Do it Captain." Hannibal said. He threw his weapon on the floor, and Murdock did the same.

"Now, you and Murdock stand by the wall. I want a little chat with Face here" Kyle said pushing them away, and pulling Face to his feet.

Face felt himself being raised by Kyle, and his fingers closed around cold metal. As he and Kyle stood facing each other, Face hid the weapon behind his back.

"You need to get dressed" Kyle commented, observing that Face's trousers and pants around his ankles.

Face shrugged. "I'm renowned for having my pants down".

Kyle had to smile with professional admiration when he heard that. "A soldier to the end, right Lieutenant?"

"You got that one right" Face admitted, the despair nothing now that his survival was in peril.

Kyle drew the gun against Face's head, the barrel cold as Face closed his eyes. He heard Murdock shout something, and a shot suddenly silenced the entire room.

Face opened his eyes, and looked in amazement at Kyle. Kyle looked at the shining Uzi in Face's hand with the smoking barrel, and dropped his own gun in horror. Kyle looked at the blood flowing from the stomach wound, and pressed both his hands to staunch the flow.

Murdock, Hannibal and BA surrounded Face as he sank to the floor in weariness, the Uzi still in his grasp.

Hannibal felt relief and emotion when he saw the inscription on the handle of the shining weapon:-

'Face, you have saved my life many times before, one day this will save yours - Hannibal.'*

Part 9: Face and Murdock

Three days later, Face and Murdock sat together by a crackling fire, drinking champagne and watching repeats of Battlestar Galactica. Face had quickly resumed his scamming abilities, and had conned himself into a huge rich villa for himself and Murdock.

The couch was warm and inviting, as they snuggled together, laughing as Starbuck conned more cubits from Boomer.

"Guess who he reminds me of?" Murdock giggled.

Face laughed and innocently said "I wonder who you have in mind!"

Suddenly the telephone rang, startling them both, and irritating Face. "Shit, wonder who that could be?"

"Well, answer it and find out. Its your phone remember?" Face sighed and picked up the receiver.

"Hi Face, its me, Hannibal"

"Hi Hannibal. What do you want?" Face asked, edging closer to Murdock, the phone in his hand.

"Just wanted to check on you two, that's all. And I wanted to tell you that Kyle's men are in prison now, and won't be seeing parole until their teeth have gone".

Face giggled furiously, trying to ignore the fact that Murdock's hand was roaming over his body.

"We're fine Hannibal." Face confirmed, winking at Murdock.

"Also, just wanted to let you know I'm glad your back with us. The team was never the same without you."

Face smiled in pleasure, his cheeks reddening. He put the phone down, and cuddled up next to Murdock.

"What did Hannibal want?" Murdock asked. "See if we were behaving?"

"No. Just wanted to check that we were alright. Quite sweet really". Face said. "Well, why don't we finish watching this show, then head off to bed".

Murdock suddenly looked uncomfortable, and drew away from Face.

"What's wrong?" Face asked, his voice soft.

"I don't think I'm ready for that, Face" Murdock said, his voice quite sad. Face now drew completely away, and looked confused at Murdock.

"I thought it was what you wanted." Face asked.

"I just don't know, I'm confused. Not seeing you for three years, and then heading straight into a huge relationship has scared me" Murdock confessed.

Face sighed heavily, and tried to think. "We don't have to have a 'huge relationship' if your not ready for it. Why don't we just make love, and then worry about the rest later?"

Murdock shook his head. "Face, that's the part I'm worried about. I don't think I'm ready to sleep with you just yet."

"Not ready for what, Murdock? Sleeping with me, or having sex with me, or both?" Face asked.

Murdock lowered his head in shame, wishing his fear would leave him. "Just the sex part, Face".

Face nodded, accepting this. "Well, then why don't we just sleep together, then?"

Murdock smiled, sensing Face was trying to appeal to him, and nodded his head eagerly. "Thanks for understanding, Face".

"That's alright. I just don't want to lose you now I've found you again" Face said, drifting in Murdock's embrace, warm and safe.

"Never Muchacho. You and me forever. HM Murdock and Faceman. Way its always gonna be" Murdock breathed easily, feeling more at ease now that the subject he had dreaded had now been addressed.

The episode of Battlestar Galactica finished, and Face switched off the television. "Come on then, Murdock. Its late and we need to be fresh for training tomorrow".

Murdock nodded and followed Face to the bedroom.

Part 10: Epilogue of Inner Torment

The next day, the team began to retrain Face. His memory was returning more with each day, and he was becoming more confident at handling himself again.

Hannibal watched and BA and Face sparred, unarmed combat being just as important as being able to use weapons, and smiled to himself. Murdock sat by his side, watching Face fall to the ground again and again.

"I think its unfair pitting Face against BA" Murdock commented.

Hannibal shrugged. "He's not doing too badly. I just wanted to know what his reaction would be. He took it very well".

Murdock looked at the size of BA, against Face and shook his head. "Must be still in shock, Colonel. I wouldn't take on anyone his size in a million years".

Face hit the dirt again, his nose bleeding a little. BA helped Face to his feet and they walked over to Hannibal and Murdock.

"Not bad, Lieutenant" Hannibal praised.

"Hey, Hannibal" BA said. "How about you comin' into the ring with me".

Hannibal smiled, a gleam in his eyes. "Are you challenging me, Sergeant?"

BA shrugged. Hannibal rose to his feet.

Murdock grinned at Face "This is going to be interesting".

BA flexed his muscles, and cracked his knuckles as he looked at his commanding officer.

Hannibal didn't flinch.

BA threw a punch at Hannibal, and at the last moment Hannibal ducked and caught BA in the throat with his hand, causing BA to fall, momentarily unable to breathe.

Face looked on in amazement. "That was unexpected. Have they ever fought before?"

Murdock shook his head. "No, never realised that Hannibal was a better fighter though. He definitely kept that one under his beret for years".

Hannibal helped BA to his feet. "Want to go again, Sergeant?"

"No thanks" BA grumbled, wishing he had kept his mouth shut.

Face smiled as the two men rejoined himself and Murdock. He thought of everything which had happened to him, and felt an overwhelming sadness when he thought of how much time Murdock and himself had lost because of Doug Kyle.

He made a solemn promise to himself at that moment. Whatever happened in the future, no matter what the turn of events, he would stay by Murdock's side from now on. No more messing around with his many women. He had found something which he had needed desperatly, but was afraid to admit.

He'd found the person he was ready to commit to.


* (From No Surprises)