The Millennium Epic Through Adversary, Love Blooms Unhindered

TITLE: Interview with The A-Team

AUTHOR: Hannurdock


WARNINGS: Suggested Slash

STORY TYPE: Third Person

CATEGORY: Drama, Action

LENGTH: Series 'The Millennium Epic' Story No. 4

DISCLAIMER: The characters are property of Cannell and company.

Hannibal walked through the large double doors, and almost collided with a young lady with a clipboard and pen.

"Sorry maam" Hannibal smiled. "I'm in a hurry"

"Hannibal Smith?" The young lady asked. Hannibal nodded in a slight surprise. "Hello, my name's Alison, I'm the reporter for the radio station here. Boy are we glad you decided to have a live interview here at Listening Live FM. It'll certainly bring in much-needed ratings"

Hannibal took the lady's hand in his own. "My pleasure, Alison. Its good to voice our opinions for a change"

"Freedom of speech is what America is famous for" Alison smiled. Hannibal felt very uneasy about this public spectacle. However, the team had felt it was more than necessary if they ever wanted to clear their names. Faceman, still recovering from a certain birthday bash which had left him utterly taken aback had been making the arrangements on behalf of the team.

Hannibal still felt slightly odd with the path this adventure had taken. He was at ease with leadership, and the obstacles his team faced on a regular basis, but being on a radio show for the wrongly accused was very, very different. He wished to himself that the team had stayed in Cardiff a little longer than planned, instead of jetting back so early after the Millennium.

"Come with me" Alison said assuringly. "You guys are national celebs, it was very kind of you to consent to the competition"

"We are still on the run Alison. We do have to be careful. But a competition to meet us wasn't a problem, we were surprised by the amount of people who are fans of us however"

"How long till the others arrive?" Alison asked.

"They're here. We were just making sure no bird dogs for the military were here already. It would spoil the party" Hannibal pointed to a window washer who turned and gave Alison a winning smile. It was Faceman. Behind him, two others had just walked through the double doored entrance, one with a mohawk. Alison recognised Murdock and BA Baracus instantly.

"Hi!" Alison shook hands with the three other men in excitement. "Come with me upstairs, and we'll get you ready"

Alison took the men to an empty lounge with a bar. "Please wait in here for a moment." As the four men settled in the large lounge, Alison closed the door on them.

"Aint too hot with this idea, Hannibal" BA complained, warily looking outside the window, expecting to hear the faint wailing of military police cars approaching.

"Oh, BA come on" Face sighed. "Its only an interview. The MP's would be idiots to arrest us at the radio station, there would be a public outcry"

Hannibal nodded his head in agreement "Face is right. This location is the safest we've had for a long while"

Murdock was humming contentedly to himself when the door opened and Alison appeared, ushering a young woman into the room.

"Guys, this is the competition winner - Ann Riley. I'll leave you together for a while"

Ann uncertainly entered the room, watching the four men in obvious excitement. "The A-Team" she breathed.

Hannibal drew close to the young woman and took her hand. "Hi, I'm Hannibal Smith, this is HM Murdock, Faceman, and BA Baracus."

Ann shook hands with them. "I knew that, but thanks for the introduction"

"Who's your favourite?" Murdock asked, with the calm certainty of a music superstar meeting yet another fan.

"Face" she sighed. Face moved towards Ann and took her hand, moving so close their bodies were almost touching. Then he kissed her full on the mouth.

Murdock sprang forward, parting them instantly and looking accusingly at Face.

"What's wrong?" Face asked. Murdock looked angry, and paced over to the window, and looked out at the passing traffic, making small inaudible noises.

Hannibal shrugged his shoulders and started to talk to BA. Ann watched, enthralled as Face approached Murdock a little sheepishly.

"Murdock, what's wrong?" Face asked gently, his hands moved to Murdock's shoulders, softly pulling him around so the two men were face-to-face.

"Nothing" Murdock said angrily.

"Nothing, huh? You look mad to me. Why did you stop us kissing?" Face asked.

Murdock looked very tired suddenly. He looked over-emotional and burnt out. "I don't know, when you and me ... you know ... kissed the other night, it made me feel something I'd never felt before. I thought you felt the same"

"I was kissing a fan" Face stated bluntly "I was just making a statement that's all. I'm Face, I have to kiss all the ladies ..." Face trailed off as Murdock brushed angrily past him and out of the lounge. Face sighed.

"What's going on here, Lieutenant?" Hannibal asked. Face turned and looked at the Colonel, his frustration apparent in his intelligent eyes.

"I don't know Colonel" He finally said. Hannibal suddenly and unexpectedly laid an arm on Face's shoulder.

"If its what I think it is - you already know the answer. No messing with members of the team, that especially includes Murdock. I don't want him put deeper into his dream worlds by you."

Face nodded, and Hannibal went back to talking with BA. Ann watched Face sigh as he looked out of the window. Then Face walked out of the room after Murdock.

Ann smiled knowingly to herself as she made herself comfortable on the couch, BA and Hannibal talking to her as if she were a close friend.

"Murdock" Face called. He walked down the corridor to the mens toilets, and went inside.

Murdock was slumped on the floor, blood spilling from a shoulder wound. Face looked horrified at his friend. Then he saw the glass broken in a circle from one of the windows facing an empty building site. Face dropped to the floor instantly as a bullet whistled closely past his head.

"Shit" Face swore as he edged his way to Murdock, still lying lifeless on the floor.

"Hannibal, BA, we're getting sharp shooted in here" Face called. Face reached Murdock and pulled him into a cubicle, closing the door.

Murdock's shoulder was bleeding badly, and Face put his hand over the wound to staunch the flow of blood. Face heard footsteps and the voices of Hannibal and BA as they made their way to the toilet. "Don't come too near" Face warned. "This guy's got a good aim at anyone entering by the door"

"Great, your radio plan turned us into a mark" BA growled, as a shot came too close as he tried to approach the cubicle.

Face looked at Murdock's white expressionless face. A small groan escaped his lips as he tried to make Murdock acknowledge his prescence.

Murdock's eyes opened slowly. He looked up at Face. "I got shot" he said weakly.

Face nodded, his expression one of torment as he looked at his best friend. "I know. Just take it easy, Hannibal and BA will get us out"

Murdock nodded. In their experiences in the past, Hannibal and BA had always found a way to save their lives. Even if it meant almost sacrificing their own lives.

"Murdock" Face began "I didn't want this to happen. Shit, I didn't expect you to get so worked up. It was just a kiss"

Murdock smiled wryly. "I didn't think that was right, I'm sorry Face"

Face shook his head. "I wouldn't have done it if I had known how strongly you feel. You see, I don't have much faith in relationships, and I didn't expect ours to be any different."

Murdock smiled knowingly, and then sighed. "Its OK, I'm just so damn over protective. Ours was just one kiss too, we haven't got a relationship"

Face shook his head "No, its not gonna work like that Murdock. You know it and I know it. We both want more, only you wanted monogamy. I was wrong to kiss that girl"

Murdock was paling by the second. His features were contorted in pain. "I wanted you, Face. Just you and me, the way it should have been from the start"

"It will be Murdock" Face swore, desperatly fighting to keep his emotions in check, and under control. "I swear it, you and me forever. Its what you want, right?"

Murdock nodded slightly, his vision clouding with tears. "Yes" he choked.

Face leant forward and kissed Murdock on the lips, drawing him closer in a strong and gentle embrace. His lips gently caressed Murdock's with a building passion which threatened to over power his emotions.

The cubicle door swung open and Hannibal and BA pulled the two men out. Face just watched Murdock in a mute agony as Hannibal dragged him to the door.

BA looked at Murdock as he carried him to the exits of the building. "Looks bad, Hannibal" he said.

"We been in the dodge before, we've seen worse than this" Hannibal snapped.

Alison ran up to them, white faced. "My god, are you ok?" she asked.

"We've got trouble" Hannibal said coldly. "Some sniper's just picked off a member of the team. we've got to go now, before we are all killed. Take care of Ann"

Alison stumbled as she tried to keep up with the departing men. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen"

Hannibal stopped and sighed. "I know Alison, guess the interview will have to wait. Maybe next time, a secret location, ok? For now we've got to get Murdock to the hospital"

Alison nodded as she numbly watched the A-Team load Murdock into the van and drive off.

"Sorry about the last time Alison. Someone tried to wipe us out" Hannibal leaned towards the microphone. The room was dark, and the windows had been covered with wooden planks. It was nothing like the last time in comfort, but the A-Team felt safe.

"How are you doing, Mr Murdock?" Alison asked, concerned.

"I'm fine, Alison. Just made me pass out, that's all. I was up and about within two days"

"So, maybe its time you guys told the American people what they want to know" Alison smiled.

"Sure thing. We'll we've been on the run for a long time now, for a crime we didn't commit" Hannibal said. "Murdock was found out to be a member of the team shortly after 1995. Since then all four of us have been running"

Alison nodded. "Mr Murdock, why did you decide to join the A-Team on the run, why didn't you just deny that you were a member of the team"

Murdock leant forward towards the mic, slightly pale with a bandaged shoulder but otherwise alright. "After a while the MP's figured it out. The only way out was not to be a member of the team at all, and I couldn't do that"

"We've had a lot of hits on us for a long time now" BA said. "We just want our innocence to be proved once and for all"

Alison sighed. "Sounds very tough. You'd have thought the MP's would have let go of an old grudge by now, that's what its become, isn't it?"

Hannibal nodded. "They think we've embarrassed the army. They won't let us be, not after the Hanoi bank robbery and the trials. They want us either behind bars or shot"

"It is hard, Alison" Face said. "But we'll keep going. We always have"

"It means a lot to all of us that you do" Alison said. "Everyone knows you all to be .... kinda like Robin Hoods. It gives the American people something amazing to believe in. you have saved hundreds of people"

BA shook his head "Its just a job, Alison. Nothin' special"

"That's where your wrong. You guys stand for freedom, against oppression from tyrants. You've taken out the mob, crooked syndicates, hungry land developers and unscrupulous drug dealers. You are heroes."

Hannibal smiled gratefully. "Nice to hear someone say that after all the crap we're been through."

Alison smiled "OK guys, time for the calls. Line one, who's there?"

"Hi my name's Terri" came a bright, female voice.

"Hello Terri, what's your question?" Alison asked.

"Its great to talk to you guys!!! Erm, what did you do over the Millennium?" Terri asked.

"Went to Cardiff, Terri" Murdock answered. "Celebrated with an old client"

"Sounds nice" Terri admitted. "Quite unusual for patriots like yourselves to celebrate outside the states"

"Heat was too much, Terri" BA explained. "MP's were over us like mint sauce on lamb"

"Yeah, it was either leave or get caught" Face said.

"Next caller is Adam. What's your question Adam?" Alison asked.

"Did anyone ever find out who killed Morrison?" Adam asked.

Hannibal was quite impressed. "How did you find out about Morrison, Adam?"

"All over the papers. Are you still running because of that too?" Adam asked.

"That's right" Face said. "They think we killed him, but we didn't. We think a guy called Captain Curtis killed him, but he was taken out before they had a chance to question him"

"Last caller is Rachel. Hello Rachel, what's your question?" Alison said.

"Hi guys" Rachel said.

"Hello Rachel" Hannibal said.

"If you guys were given a pardon tomorrow, what would you do for a living?"

Hannibal looked at the other members of the team with a slight smile. "That's a hard one Rachel. Guess we'd be vigilantes."

Alison laughed. "Well that was great guys, thanks for coming on the radio. It was brave of you after last time"

"Our pleasure Alison" Hannibal shook Alison's hand.

"Well, you just heard the A-Team, right here, live at a secret location by Listening Live FM. This is Alison Brooks. We'll be right back after some ads."

Alison turned to the four men. "Thanks for doing the interview."

"No problems, maybe we'll be able to do another sometime" Hannibal said. Just then the came the unmistakable whine of the approaching MP's.

"We've gotta go, see you soon Alison" Hannibal said.

The A-Team abruptly left the tattered building, escaping to the van parked a little way off, under the cover of two large trees and departed only moments before Colonel Decker arrived.