The Millennium Epic Through Adversary, Love Blooms Unhindered

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Lovers



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"Look, I'm not going to stay out here while you .... disport yourself with her!" Face yelled, feeling the first few drops of rain drench his perfect wispy blonde hair.

Captain HM Murdock, otherwise known as Logan Ross ignored the desperate pleas of Face, and continued to kiss Dominique gently, relinquishing the earpiece into a glass of Perrier Water as he entered her gently, succumbing to the fire between his legs.

Face stood, shaking in the bitter cold, his eyes angry and resentful. Just two days ago, Murdock had confided his love for the conman, and now this. He felt betrayed and humiliated. He could even hear the sounds of their lovemaking amongst the heavy downpour.

Cursing to himself, Face retreated to the porch shivering with cold. He sat heavily, feeling the hot tears invade his eyes and rocked himself gently. Even in the confines of the porch, the sounds of Murdock and that bitch resounded in his ears all the more loudly. He found himself giving in to his imagination, he could see in his mind's eye Murdock's tender ministrations on her slender body. He couldn't satisfy Murdock in the way she could, and as their shouts of pleasure reached its climax, Face let a long gasp of frustration release itself.

He was through. He had finally had enough. He looked around himself, ensuring he was alone. Then he walked away from the porch and out into the bitter night. He ran at the window at full speed, collapsing against the glass and felt the sharp knifelike shards tear his skin as the glass broke into a million fragments around him. He was released into a merciful darkness, and was unaware of the sudden shouting and confusion all around him.


Logan Ross glanced at the slender figure of Dominique beside him. He sighed contentedly, and lit a fragile cigar. Playing the spy was an exciting role for the pilot, who would usually allow Face to become the lover, the charmer, the handsome character in the scam's they always initiated on the enemy.

He took a deep drag, relishing in the afterglow of their lovemaking. His eyes closed slightly, only to be reopened in surprise and sudden horror as the sound of breaking glass disturbed the warm calm.  Untangling himself from Dominique, who was still sleeping soundly, Murdock made his way into the livingroom, and was horrified to discover Face's blood covered body lying lifeless by the window. The curtains flapped uncaringly in the wind that blew into the room, a freezing wind.

Murdock screamed in horror, and ran to Face. He took in the sight of the blood and realised that the cuts were shallow which was a blessing. However, Face had sustained a concussion from jumping headfirst through the window. Murdock sighed.

"What's going ....... oh ......" Dominique whispered, moving into the room beside Murdock.

"Get out" Murdock whispered, malice in his voice.

"What? You fuck me then tell me to get out?" Dominique's voice was becoming more heated.

"I'm in love with him, Dominique. And I drove him to this. Get out" Murdock said softly, lifting Face into his arms and taking him into the bedroom.  Dominique followed Murdock in anger, and humiliation burned her creamy white cheeks. Murdock began to undress the unconscious Face, and started to assess the wounds on Face's body which were luckily only cuts to his arms, legs and face.

"Your in love with HIM? And you fucked ME? I'd have jumped through the glass if I'd been unfortunate enough to fall in love with you" Dominique grabbed her gown and headed for the door. "As it is, it was cheap sex with you - nothing more. Goodbye, Logan. Next time I have sex with some James Bond reject, I'll ask if he has room service on the side".

The door banged loudly behind her. Murdock sighed. Things weren't looking too good. He wasn't cut out for this Logan Ross role at all. He glanced tenderly at the unconscious form of Face lying on the bed and walked over to the medical kit. He took some cotton wool buds from the bathroom and started on the laborious process of dressing Face's cuts. Some were deeper than others, and Murdock pressed the antiseptic cream into the wounds to staunch the bleeding. Face gave a small moan. He opened his eyes and looked uncomprehendingly into Murdock's chocolate brown eyes.

"Hello Facey" Murdock said calmly, continuing to apply plasters to the cuts covering Face's arms and legs. "What was that all about, muchacho?".

"Hmmmmmmm, don't know" Face said, feeling his cheeks and registering the fact he had plasters all over his face. He groaned. "What will Hannibal make of all this? I'll be in big trouble".

"Nah" Murdock shook his head "You know Hannibal - he'll just be concerned. That angry look disappears as soon as it comes with him. Its BA we will need to worry about ...".

Face groaned. "Leave it, Murdock. I don't even want to think about it". He glanced about himself, as if suddenly remembering something was missing "Where's Dominique?".

"Erm .... she kinda flew outta the room" Murdock said uncomfortably.

"Why'd she do that?" Face asked softly.

"Cause I told her I was in love with room service" Murdock cracked, humour darting in his soft brown eyes.

Face giggled uncontrollably. "In love with room service, hey? I think I'll forget changing back into my Armani suit and stay like this then".

Murdock smirked. "I like you in just about anything, muchacho".

"Are you coming onto me, Murdock?" Face asked, suddenly confused.

"I wouldn't mind" Murdock winked. Slipping back into Logan Ross he whispered seductively into Face's ear "I would looooove to find out everything about you ....... everything".

Face sighed and swooned. He felt himself becoming hard, and Murdock's eagle eyes did not fail to notice.

"I think you need some help" Murdock whispered, kissing Face's chest, and pulling the wispy blonde hairs on the chest sharply with his teeth.

Face groaned and lay back. All his casual flirting with Murdock began to look foolish, he had been waiting for this moment all his life. Warmth enveloped his sex, as Murdock sighed and engulfed the organ with his lips. Face groaned and writhed under the tender ministrations of Murdock, losing himself in pure passion. He felt his passion reach the forbidden peak, and gushes of warm, salty semen filled Murdock's mouth. Murdock drank the fluid reverently, sucking the softening organ and swallowing as much as he could. He rose up beside Face and took the still quivering body into his arms.

"Logan Ross is pleased to make your acquaintance" Murdock said with a grin on his face, moving his fingers along the toned body before him.

Face sighed and closed his eyes. Within seconds he was asleep, resting his head on Murdock's shoulder.


"Hey guys, rise and shine!" Frankie's bright voice. He looked in amazement as he saw the two forms tangled together in the bed. "Uh ......".

Hannibal walked into Logan Ross's expensive suite and saw Frankie gaping at the bedroom door. Curious as to what could make Frankie silent for a few moments, Hannibal walked up to the door and glanced inside.

His first thought was of disbelief. Face and Murdock?  Thoughts of Murdock with Dominique passed through his mind as he tried to make sense from the situation, but no logic formed in his mind. Hannibal couldn't account for the situation he saw before him, they were too intimate to be considered merely sleeping together. Something had happened between them.

Hannibal closed the door with a slam. He glanced at Frankie, a look of malice covered his fine features "Say a word of this to anyone, and I swear you'll wish you were never born".

"But ...." Frankie stuttered, amazed.

"But nothing, kid. This is serious. I don't want anyone else to know" Hannibal ushered Frankie out of the suite and closed the door behind him. Then he breathed in deeply and walked back into the bedroom.

Face and Murdock had awoke with a start as the bedroom door slammed shut. Face darted out of the bed, fear gripping his heart as he quickly ran into the bathroom and shut the door modestly. His heart was pounding. Murdock pretended to be asleep, sprawled across the bed as Hannibal sighed and walked into the room. Murdock squeezed his eyes shut, and felt the weight of Hannibal's body sit on the bed next to him.

"Face, you wanna come out of the bathroom?" Hannibal said gently. "Murdock, I know you are awake".

Murdock opened his eyes startled, and Face wandered sheepishly out of the bathroom, his cheeks crimson with humiliation, his eyes lowered in shame.  Hannibal gently indicated for Face to take a seat beside him.

"You want to tell me why I found you both stuck together like super-glue?" Hannibal asked, lightly. Trying to instill some humour into the unexpected situation. Hannibal suddenly realised that Face was covered in plasters. He narrowed his eyebrows in confusion. What the hell had happened here yesterday?

"I think you already know" Murdock said softly, his voice cracking with shame.

"What happened to you, kid?" Hannibal asked, looking closely at the mass of plasters on Face's bright red complexion. "You look like you've taken a shower of glass shards this morning".

"In a way, I did" Face said, still unable to meet his CO's gaze.

Hannibal glanced to Murdock who shrugged. "You didn't do this .....".

"Of course not" Murdock protested immediately. "He fell through the glass window".

Hannibal recalled seeing the broken glass before he had seen Face and Murdock. The situation was even more confusing than he had bargained for. "I don't care what's happening here, but I want you both dressed within half an hour. Face is supposed to be covering Jordan, and Murdock, you are supposed to be playing a straight Logan Ross, and be chasing Dominique. Can you still do that, Murdock?".

Murdock shook his head, his face getting redder by the second.

Hannibal exhaled, a long breath of humiliation. "You do realise you've both broken the rule about not becoming sexually intimate with another member of the team?".

Murdock and Face nodded, utterly embarrassed.

"Well, to be quite honest I really don't care about what you two do in your own time. Just make sure it doesn't affect our assignments. You know our jobs can be life and death. Now, can you still perform your roles?"

Murdock looked downcast, but he nodded. Face was still unable to meet Hannibal's gaze and he simply nodded his head.

"Good" Hannibal rose and walked over to the door. He stopped briefly and looked back at the humiliated couple with a glint in his eye, the same glint he had when the jazz overtook him in perilous moments. "Its weird, but it fits. You've flirted for years".

Face looked up in surprise and Murdock opened his mouth in astonishment as Hannibal closed the bedroom door behind them with a slight chuckle of amusement.


Frankie gaped as Face and Murdock joined him at the breakfast table and debated their next move. Hannibal had decided to become a character much less known to the team, The Jaguar, and had initiated a bizarre sequence of events including the capture of an Indian man associated with the mystical hit man.

Hannibal had probed the man carefully, acting The Jaguar with a calm and precise manner which suggested that if the man wasn't careful he would be found cold in a garbage truck the next day. Frozen with fear the man had revealed much about the mission, but seemed confused when Hannibal eluded to Operation Undertoe, the source of the team's mission.

"Undertoe? I don't know any undertoe! Please! You must believe me" Punjaab cried as Hannibal moved closer, gun in hand.

BA sniggered on the bed, he was busy eating his breakfast.

"I believe we do not have a traitor here" Hannibal said, his voice laden with a deep and ruthless Italian accent. Then, quite suddenly he reverted back to Hannibal as he glanced over at BA. "Okay, BA. Put this guy on ice".

BA smirked, and lifted Punjaab easily. He exited the room with the shaken man while Frankie got to his feet after playing a magnificent death scene.

Frankie turned to Hannibal "You aint concerned with what we saw earlier today?"

Hannibal glared at Frankie "You didn't see anything, Frankie. Understood?"

Frankie gulped and nodded as Face and Murdock joined them, and BA ventured back into the room with a satisfied smirk on his face.