The Millennium Epic Through Adversary, Love Blooms Unhindered

Mission Impossible: Sharing the bed

A game of Snap leads to an early bedtime, ooo-errrrr!!!  :P


Face looked at the tent in disgust. It was bad enough that the team were forced to 'rough it' during their latest mission, but to hole up (the four of them) in a small tent designed for two people was ridiculous.  Face thought back longingly to the time when the team had lost one of the tents.  Face longed to go back through time and salvage the tent before it had disappeared over a rather nasty rock-face.

Face sighed, and looked over to BA and Hannibal. They were busy erecting the small enclosure, not that it really made that much difference.  In the morning, the force of four people rolling around would tear it to shreds anyway.

Murdock dozed by a tree, too exhausted to help with the tent.  Face came over and sat by his friend, watching his eyes half closed, and smiled gently.  

"Lieutenant, want to offer a hand?" Hannibal called. Face shook his head, and continued to watch BA and Hannibal struggle with the setting-up. Once completed, and night was setting in, the team huddled together in front of the tent. A small fire between the four men, provided fuel for friendly banter.  Hannibal cooked a few sausages and put them in bread rolls passing them around. The team ate and laughed together. Hannibal brought out the cans of beer, and Face felt himself go dizzy, and become more adventurous.

"I was thinking of a game before bed" Face giggled. Three pairs of eyes turned to him. "I was thinking, we could do a game of cards".

The team groaned in unison.  Face was renowned to cheat at cards. Hannibal checked his wallet.

"Sorry Face. Haven't got enough.  And I'm not playing with IOU's".

Face looked daringly at Hannibal.  "I could think of other stakes".

"Really?"  Hannibal looked at Face, failing to notice the growing bump in his trousers.

"Yeah, winner gets to keep their clothes" Face laughed.

"I aint going to be naked, man" BA complained, turning away.

"Come on BA. Just a little fun, no-one will get hurt" Face pouted.

Hannibal sighed.  "Okay, Face. Have it your own way. Murdock deal the deck. Canasta, Face?"

"Something simpler - snap" Face laughed heartily.

Murdock looked surprised. He liked snap, and was rather good at the game.  "Cool. I'll deal". Murdock reached inside Face's rucksack for a deck of cards, and began to deal.

In ten minutes, Hannibal and BA were almost naked.  Murdock only had a loose shirt and his underpants left on.

"Hold on, kid. Your cheating somewhere along the lines" Hannibal sniffed, looking down at his underpants - the only remaining underwear he had on.

"You lose again, guys" Face smirked.

Hannibal sighed, and took off his underpants, stark naked. BA took off his t-shirt, his pants the only thing left to take off.  Murdock sighed as he removed his wrist watch, shyly.

Murdock won the next round, and watched as BA became naked, and Face took off his wrist cuff. "That's cheating, Face"

"No. But Hannibal hasn't got anything left to take off" Face mused.

"So, what's the rule from here on, Lieutenant?" Hannibal asked, watching Face intently.

Face grinned knowingly, as if he'd been anticipating the question. "Whoever wins, and the losercan't take off any more clothes.  Well, guess he'll have to suck him".

Hannibal's mouth fell open.  "What?!"

"Murdock won. You haven't any clothes left to shed. You have to suck him".

Hannibal shook his head wearily, as he edged his way towards Murdock.  

Murdock looked astonished at Face, felt his erection build instantly upon hearing the word 'suck'.  He felt Hannibal's silvery hair tickle his leg as the Colonel bent down and took Murdock's proud rod into his mouth, sucking gently on the organ until Murdock shuddered and lay down without realising, messing up all the cards.

Face sighed with feined irritation.  "Well, Murdock. You just ruined the game".

Murdock was shuddering helplessly as Hannibal continued to suck and lick the enflamed and throbbing organ.  As his orgasm ripped through his body, and his organ began to soften, Murdock grinned and motioned for Face to come over to him.

"I'd better make it up to you, Faceguy.  We know how you like to finish a game of cards".

Face wandered over, the small impish grin casting aside all doubt.  He watched as Murdock lay down onto the ground, and motioned for Face to kneel over him.  Face obeyed, his organ, now erect and burning with desire just over Murdock's head.

Murdock moaned and brought Face's bum cheeks down on him, sucking in the organ violently. Face gasped and threw his head back, moving rythmically to Murdock's groans and moans of pleasure.  Face was shuddering violently, and Hannibal came forward to help raise the Lieutenant so he wouldn't squash Murdock's head in his pleasure.  He cried out in awe as he violently came, feeling Murdock sucking the organ of all the cream, feeling his own organ soften.

Hannibal shuddered in pleasure, watching the two men have sex.  BA grabbed Hannibal from behind, unable to restrain himself, and began to suck the Colonel's organ furiously on his knees.  Hannibal grabbed hold of BA's head and pushed him closer to his body, feeling himself shudder and groan in pleasure.

Face, deciding to get his own back on BA, for taking Hannibal away so quickly, eased beneath the two men, licking BA's stiff penis roughly, drawing an instant moan from the big guy.  Hannibal thrusted violently, too overcome with pleasure to be gentle, and felt himself come at the same time as BA.  Face was wonderful at oral sex, and brought the big man to an instant defeat, both Hannibal and BA collapsing on each other, the aftershocks of orgasm still ripping through their bodies.

Face sighed and sat back, licking and swallowing the remainder of BA's cum, slapped Murdock on the knee. "Time for bed, lover".

Murdock grinned.  "Yes, sir!"

Now for the part Face had been dreading all evening. How on earth would all four men sleep inside that tiny tent.

So, it came to pass that Murdock slept on top of BA, and Face dozed on top of Hannibal.  The four men worn and exhausted, and sexually satisfied, ready to take the next part of the mission immediately.