The Millennium Epic Through Adversary, Love Blooms Unhindered

TITLE: Silence is Deadly

AUTHOR: Hannurdock


WARNINGS: Rape, Violence, Hurt, Injuries

STORY TYPE: Point of View / First Person (Hannibal)

CATEGORY: Angst, Drama

LENGTH: One-off

DISCLAIMER: The characters are property of Cannell and company.

Face walked down the darkened street, a nervous lump in his throat. He walked at a steady pace, until he heard the footsteps again. Then he began to run, and he heard the footsteps behind him running also, keeping pace with him.

Face was breathing heavily, panic at being alone only spurring him onward, until he saw his saviour. The telephone booth at the end of the road, where himself and Hannibal met furtively when on assignments. He continued running until he reached the booth, slammed open the door, and shut it, leaning his weight against the glass.

The light in the booth blinded Face to the outside darkness, and he looked around fearfully, but could see nothing and no-one.

The whole mess had begun three weeks ago, when Face had started receiving strange phone calls on his mobile from a male assailant. The man threatened to rape him if he ever caught him alone. Face had not told Hannibal for fear of looking stupid. He was a commando after all. So why was he shivering like a damned idiot in the booth?

Face looked at the phone, wondering whether to call Hannibal. His mind resolute he picked up the phone, and dialed Hannibal's mobile number. A few minutes of eerie silence passed, and then Hannibal answered.

"Hannibal, its me Face" Face said shakily.

Hannibal detected the worry in Face's voice and asked immediately "What's up kid, you alright?".

"I'm in the telephone booth on the corner of Fifth and Main. I need you and the guys". Face whispered, peering out in the darkness for a sign of anyone lurking.

"What's wrong, Face?" Hannibal asked, grabbing his jacket and heading out the front door immediately.

"Be careful when you get here. Someone has followed me, deliberately making their footsteps heavy. Damn it! I can't see a thing outside this window here!" Face whispered.

"I'm on the way, don't worry kid. Its unlike you to be worried about being tailed. Is there something your not telling me?" Hannibal asked, guessing at the truth.

"Yeah ...... I've had a few threatening calls for a couple of weeks now, threatening he'd kill me, rape me, all that shit" Face said, forgetting to check out of the window for a moment. "Ahhhhhhh" Face screamed as a face pushed against the glass, startling him.

"I'm coming kid, don't let him in" Hannibal said down the phone, rushing to BA's van. BA was doing some work under the van, and looked up surprised.

"It won't work man, the engine keeps cutting" BA explained, getting up and wondering why Hannibal was so flustered.

"We need to get to the telephone booth on fifth and main right away BA!! Face is in trouble!" Hannibal said, his voice cracking with worry.

BA darted down the road, and hotwired a car while Hannibal stayed on the phone, hearing Face crying and screaming.

"Calm down, just keep him outta the booth" Hannibal ordered, climbing into the car. BA drove off immediately, spinning the tyres as they raced around a corner.


Face felt crashing glass all around him, and felt the shards cut into his wrist. He felt heavy male hands lift him out of the booth, and he dropped the phone instantly.

He was thrown roughly to the ground, his face scraped the tarmac, and he screamed loudly as he saw the face above him, insane with lust, gazing down into his. He fought back, and was shocked as a powerful fist came slamming down into his face, banging his head roughly against the tarmac, dazing him.

Face felt himself being turned over and his trousers being ripped off "Jesus guys, where are you" he begged.


BA and Hannibal were not too far away, the car stopped by the phone booth, and both men leapt out seeing the struggle between Face and his assailant.

BA ripped the assailant from Face and knocked him unconscious with a powerful blow, before he had a chance to rape Face.

"Jesus" Hannibal swore, as he saw the telephone booth completely smashed. Face was bleeding heavily, but he hadn't been raped. Hannibal could tell the signs of a rape victim, and it looked as though BA and himself had arrived just in time.

Pulling up Face's trousers to give him some dignity, Hannibal rolled him over gently to examine the wounds. He had suffered a lot of glass cuts on his arms, his face was ripped on one side because of the way he had fallen, his foot looked to be dislocated or the ligaments had been torn, and his lip was cut.

"Face" Hannibal said gently.

Face heard Hannibal's voice as if through a tunnel, and fought his way back to consciousness. "He didn't ....." Unable to say the rest Face just stared at Hannibal.

"We got here just in time. I checked, he didn't rape you" Hannibal soothed, picking up the shaken Lieutenant, and supporting him on his left side, the side his foot had been damaged.

"You've been torn up quite bad, kiddo. Nothing's that bad you need to go to hospital over, only that foot needs to be in plaster perhaps". Hannibal moved Face to the car, and closed the door to the passenger side. Then he walked over to the assailant who was still unconscious. Binding him tightly with rope, Hannibal took him to the car also, sitting in between the assailant and Face and ordered BA to drive.


Hannibal's current abode was rented under the name of Lynch in the more suburbian area, a home which BA and himself shared currently.

BA grabbed the assailant who had regained consciousness and was struggling slightly, and took him inside. Hannibal helped Face out of the car and into the house. Placing Face on the sofa, Hannibal directed BA to take the assailant upstairs and keep him quiet to which BA obliged happily.


Hannibal looked at Face for a moment, and then went away to get some medical supplies. "Want to tell me why you didn't inform the team about the calls?"

Face sighed, and felt slightly ashamed. "I don't know".

Hannibal came back with some anticeptic, and began to gently rub the cuts from the glass shards on Face's arm. He sighed and looked at Face. "You should have told us kid. We could have helped".

Face looked humiliated. Hannibal turned away, and busied himself with cleaning out the wounds and bandaging Face's arms.

Face felt his lip gingerly, winced at the pain. "I'm sorry, Hannibal".

Hannibal sighed and forced a smile. "That's okay. Sometimes when we think we can handle situations ourselves, they become too much for us to bear. That's when you step back and say, 'I was wrong and I need your help', it works, saves all this misery".

Hannibal had finished with Face's arms, and now looked at the scrapes on his face. Sitting beside Face, he gently dabbed at the scrapes with anticeptic, cleaning the wounds of dirt.

Face was now going into shock, and Hannibal laid him back, and continued cleaning the wounds, working quickly and efficiently. "You won't look pretty for a while, but you'll live" Hannibal joked, feeling saddened by the whole circumstances, and wanting to lighten the mood slightly.

Face grinned. "No scams for a while, at least until I stop looking like the phantom of the opera".

Hannibal sensed the loneliness in Face's voice and seemed unable to reach him. "Your face is done, how's that lip?"

"A little sore".

"Want some ice?"


Hannibal left the room, made a quick call to Murdock instructing him to get out of the VA and meet up with them as soon as possible, and came back with ice wrapped in a clean tea towel. "Press that to your lip. How does the foot feel?".

"It hurts like hell if I move it".

"Its puffing up like a hot air balloon". Hannibal said, removing Face's sock. "You may need to be checked out for this one. BA will run you over to the hospital in the next half hour. Will you be alright if I go deal with your attacker?".

Face nodded. Hannibal made Face comfortable, and then left him to join BA upstairs. The assailant was coming-to, and he stared at Hannibal and BA with obvious hatred.

"Where's pretty boy?" he said "Oh sorry, aint too pretty now I've messed up his gorgeous face".

Hannibal walked forward, and brought the attacker to his feet, feeling his anger surging through his veins. He lashed out viciously with his right hand, and sent the assailant reeling into the wall.

"He's safe, away from you. I want to know your name, sleaseball". Hannibal waited with arms crossed. The assailant looked up helplessly, and for the first time fear tinged his voice as he replied to Hannibal.

"Why do you want to know that?"

Hannibal smirked "No games. I want an answer now, either that or you'll be turning up in tomorrow's trash in little pieces".

The assailant looked down at the floor uneasily. "I aint saying".

"Your walking on thin ice, kid. I want a name, right now".

"I told you, I aint saying. Where's pretty boy? I want to see him".

Hannibal had had enough. Signalling to BA, he watched as the burly black man lifted the assailant, and carried him over to the bathroom. Hannibal put the taps on in the bath, and let the water fill the tub.

"We are very experiened in torture techniques" Hannibal explained angrily, as he tested the water with his right hand "We will find out what we want to know".

BA held the assailant firmly, and Hannibal signalled to bring him over to the bathtub. Sitting the man between them, Hannibal and BA were quiet for five minutes, waiting for him to speak.

"What?" He asked, breaking the foreboding silence.

"Your name" Hannibal said again.

"Dick Inyerfriend"

"Quit the bad jokes and tell me now before I dunk you like coffee biscuits" Hannibal growled, losing his patience.

"Now who's making bad jokes. I aint saying. You'll have to drown me"

Hannibal grinned. There was nothing worse than a coward, and this man was losing his courage and bravado rapidly. He should have thought twice before attacking Face, now he was beginning to realise he was in deep over his head. Or soon would be.

"BA, hold the sucker under till he gets the message" Hannibal said, lighting his cigar easily, and leaving for a moment to go downstairs and check on Face. The young man was sleeping uneasily, a small whimper would escape his lips and his eyes were tightly closed. Hannibal walked upstairs again, and saw BA pull the assailant out of the water.

"You idiots, you could have killed me. My name is John. John!!!" John spluttered.

"John John?" BA growled. "Hannibal, I think this foo' is having us on" BA proceeded to dunk John beneath the water. again Then he pulled him back up reluctantly.

Hannibal smirked at the drenched figure. "BA is very, very angry with you. You messed up his best friend"

John looked fearfully at BA. The big man growled characteristically, dunking John beneath the water again for a third time.

Hannibal looked at the scene, then turned his back with a slight laugh. BA brought the man back up again, and then left him momentarily to converse with Hannibal.

Neither man expected what happened next. Neither man would have believed John had the courage or blind fear to attempt his action.

John lunged at BA's belt, grabbing his gun from its holster and firing a single shot which ripped through BA's arm. BA, shocked at the force of the bullet passing through his arm, dropped to the floor in agony, holding his injured arm.

Hannibal looked at John coldly. "You lose that gun once, kid. You lose your life"

John motioned for Hannibal to walk down the stairs, and the two men rejoined Face.

John pointed to the couch "Sit next to him, pussy"

Hannibal sat as directed, unwilling to take a chance with BA injured and Face so vulnerable. Face stirred gently in his sleep. John looked at Face with lust in his eyes. Hannibal noted the look, and tried to attract the attention of John towards himself.

"Don't you think he's gorgeous?" John asked Hannibal, huskily.

Hannibal sat still, his eyes trained on John's gun. "I guess ...."

John suddenly looked at Hannibal, the evil idea he had had, making him smile. "Tell you what, I give you a choice"

Hannibal felt worried suddenly, noting the gleam in John's obsessed eyes. "What's that?"

"Either I fuck him myself, or you do it and I just jack off" John said.

Hannibal closed his eyes, fighting his emotions to think clearly about what options he had. If he went for the gun, he'd be shot and Face would be screwed, literally. However, if he took one of John's options Face would be fucked. If John fucked him, who knew what diseases he'd pass onto the young Lieutenant. Hannibal sighed deeply.

"Not much of a choice" Hannibal said calmly, touching Face's shoulder gently.

John shrugged. "Its up to you"

Hannibal felt terrible about making this choice, but he felt no other option was worth considering. Face would stand a better chance of getting over this than if John had his dirty hands all over him.

"I'll do it" Hannibal said, his voice void of emotion. John shrugged again, excitedly, and sat on a chair, undoing his trousers.

Hannibal watched coldly, as John undid his trousers and watched him level the gun at Face.

Sighing, Hannibal woke Face gently. Face started when he saw John on the chair watching himself and Hannibal intently. His right hand wrapped around the gun, his left holding his engorged penis.

Face looked at Hannibal disbelievingly. "You wouldn't?"

Hannibal felt his control and resolve slipping "He threatened to take your life"

"Then let him do it. Rather that than this" Face began to shake uncontrollably.

Enraged that the scene wasn't playing the way he'd wanted it, John jumped off the chair, and pulled Hannibal back by his hair, the gun against the Colonel's head.

"What was that, pretty boy??! You said I should shoot him??!"

Face looked helplessly on, then became cold and passionless. A soldiers instincts under threat of survival "I was just saying what a good idea it was for us to fuck. I've been waiting for years for this moment"

John's obsessed eyes became calmer. "Really? That's good. Tonight's your lucky night"

John released Hannibal, and Face immediately pulled the older man down to kiss, watching the gun intently all this time. John moved back to the chair, and smiled wickedly, watching the two men.

Face gently whispered to Hannibal "You'd better do it"

Hannibal closed his eyes. He couldn't believe what the Lieutenant was saying to him, yet it was the only option they had at the moment. He looked at Face, and Face smiled gently. Forgiving him before he'd even done it.

Hannibal undid Face's jeans, mumbling curses under his breath, and pulled them down. He then did the same with Face's underwear and shirt. Face looked so vulnerable naked, and Hannibal ran his fingers gently along the young man's body, not wanting to initiate the intrusion he was being forced to do.

Face heard the buckle of Hannibal's pants open, and turned his head to see John jerking off on the chair. He was almost vomiting. He paled as Hannibal turned him around. "Take it easy, kid" Hannibal said gently "I'm a tall blonde with gorgeous pale blue eyes, with huge breasts".

Face closed his eyes and ran his fingers along Hannibal's body, he could almost feel the breasts, could almost cup them in his hands. He shivered, his erect penis standing proudly.

Hannibal felt sick with shame. He turned Face over again, and positioned his cock at the entrance of his arse, feeling broken inside. He had no idea if what he was doing was correct, and he prayed it would not be painful.

Face felt the pushing at the entrance of his hole, and started to struggle. His thoughts of the blonde evaporated forcing Hannibal to lay down on top of him, pushing himself into the young man. Face almost cried out. He felt trapped and began to shake uncontrollably. Hannibal closed his eyes and put his arms around the young man, feeling so bad he thought he would die.

After a moment of Hannibal's whisperings, and a little time to re-compose himself, Face drew in a sharp breath and forced a smile. Hannibal turned to look at John.

"You never done this before? You got to fuck him hard" John said.

Hannibal felt his lunch coming back up and tried to ignore the nausea. He started a slight rythmn, and then closed his eyes. He thought of his ideal woman, and this tight arse was an inviting vagina. Hannibal, aroused by the image began to thrust deeply, Face moaned and had his face down in the pillow. Hannibal's image evaporated with the moan, and he withdrew sharply, pulling Face around and pulling him into his arms. He couldn't do it, he'd rather die than orgasm inside Face. Face groaned, and lay lifeless in Hannibal's arms, his eyes closed so tightly, there were little wrinkles around the corners.

John, infuriated, got up and walked over to them. Hannibal closed his eyes preparing to die, Face opened his eyes open and a single word of relief escaped his lips.

John turned, a look of fear in his eyes, as he was confronted with an unexpected sight.

Hannibal opened his eyes, and saw what John beheld with a touch of the jazz suddenly exploding into his expression, filling him with new and unexpected courage.

Face muttered the word, as much out of relief as of joy "Murdock ...."

Murdock stood, a gun in his hand, slightly trembling. John lifted his gun and took aim at Murdock. Murdock acted out of instinct, firing a single killing shot. John fell to the floor dead, as the impact of the situation dawned on Murdock instantly. He had killed a man. Collapsing, Murdock began to rock himself, mumbling to himself.

Hannibal got up shakily, and saw Murdock on the floor. Quickly pulling his clothes back on, Hannibal darted upstairs. BA was unconscious, but the bullet had sterilised the wound. Grabbing a towel, Hannibal securely wrapped BA's arm, and grabbed a pillow, putting it beneath the man's head.

BA groaned a little, and he looked a little pale, but began to stir slightly. He opened his eyes vaguely "I'll be okay, how's Face?"

Hannibal shook his head. "I don't know, BA. We got to get you to a hospital"

BA nodded, and watched as Hannibal went into the main bedroom and dialed for an ambulance. Then, he left BA momentarily to go downstairs and deal with Face.

Face was staring into space, his thoughts and mind elsewhere. Hannibal sat beside him, and dressed the numb man quickly, feeling him limp and compliant.

"How are you, Captain?" Hannibal asked, his voice trembling slightly as he saw Murdock curled tightly. Murdock shook his head, which implied he wasn't doing very well at all.

Hannibal lifted Face into a sitting position and motioned for Murdock to come and sit with them. In silence they waited for the ambulance to arrive, and take BA to hospital.


Three days later, Face whistled as he walked into the new abode of BA and Hannibal. Smiling as he saw Hannibal asleep on the sofa, and BA dozing on a chair, he walzed up to them with a huge smile on his face. "Guess what?"

Hannibal groaned, and kept his eyes closed. He was trying to catch up on some much needed sleep. BA ignored Face.

"I got a new car!" Face boasted, jingling a new set of keys.

"What about the vette?" Hannibal mumbled.

"Gone out with the trash. Got a new Farrari, just picked it up today"

"Farrari? How can you afford one of those?" Hannibal asked, the topic of conversation waking him fully.

"My new girlfriend, rich girlfriend. She insisted she buy me one" Face grinned.

"Hmmmm" BA thought "I didn't know you had a new girlfriend ...."

Face sighed. "Well, see. I met her at an exquisite dinner dance, and we hit it off .... and it went from there"

Hannibal laughed. "Well, only you can do it, kid"

Face smiled, appreciating the comment. "Heard from Murdock lately?"

"Went to see him yesterday. He aint doing too good, this has been a major setback" Hannibal said.

Face sighed. Murdock had been doing so well, then killing John had set him back years. "I guess I don't know if I could have handled having to do it, Colonel. Having to make that serious a decision. Its been a long time since we were forced to make that kind of choice".

Hannibal sighed. "I'm glad he did though. He'll snap out of it. He always does, he just needs a little time to think about it"

Face smiled and nodded.

"How about you, Face? How are you doing?" Hannibal asked solicitously.

Face winked. "Fine. Anyway, I am off out on a date now. Don't expect me back until tomorrow" With that, Face turned on his heels and walked out of the door, casting a furtive wink back at Hannibal and BA.

Within minutes, Hannibal was asleep and BA was dozing. The end of a very trying few days.