The Millennium Epic Through Adversary, Love Blooms Unhindered

Title:     Tag, you’re it!

Author:   Lt Col Hannurdock (NC-17)

Summary:   SLASH! Warning!  Face / Murdock pairing, teasing, chasing.

Disclaimer:   They’re not mine, but I enjoy putting them in some strange positions at      times :)

Face looked at Murdock who was almost asleep by the roaring fire, and sighed deeply as he looked at the terrible rain outside.  

Hannibal had called him from a pay phone earlier, the van’s phone unable to work, and had told Face he would not make it to the cabin that night. BA had a tyre puncture and the engine was smoking.

Face looked at the cabin, relaxing in its warmth and security.  He watched Murdock’s lids flutter slightly in light sleep and then got up and walked over to the peaceful captain, a slight panic coming to Face’s mind. If the pilot was asleep, how on earth would he get him to his room.

As Face knelt beside him, Murdock’s eyes drifted open and he smiled assuredly when he saw the Lieutenant’s worry. “What’s wrong Faceguy?” Murdock asked sleepily.  “Where’s Hannibal and BA?”

Face put an arm on the captain’s shoulder and smiled. “The van has broken down, they won’t be coming tonight.  Weather is real bad out there, looks like we have the cabin to ourselves”.

Murdock grinned. “Just the way I like it. Any games before bedtime, Facey?”.

“Games?” Face repeated dubiously.  “What sort of games did you have in mind, Murdock?”.

Murdock smiled playfully and got up. Rubbing his tired eyes, he looked at Face intently for an instant.

“Oh, how about tag?” Murdock suggested with a wink.

Face sighed. “There is no way we’re gonna go running around this cabin, and wreck everything.”

Murdock looked a little disappointed for a moment, and then clicked his fingers. “I know, how about removing all the things that can get broken into the closet.”

Face shook his head slightly, but he wasn’t saying no.  “Sounds like a very energetic game, Murdock. What you got in mind, pardner?”

Murdock laughed.  “Tag, I’m it.  You go and hide somewhere in the cabin, right now.  I’ll make sure anything that is breakable is out of the way”.

Face shook his head again, but quickly got up, and walked into the next room, hiding behind a sofa, feeling ridiculous.  Half a minute went by, and then Face heard the soft footsteps of Murdock in front of the sofa.

“Eeeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo.  Where Face is, I don’t know.” Murdock peeked behind the sofa, and caught sight of Face’s socks.  Grinning in triumph, Murdock pounced over the sofa, landing on top of Face, who struggled beneath Murdock.

As Face struggled to get to his feet, Murdock pulled him back, slapping his backside playfully.  “Looks like your it, Faceman”.

Face turned over, so Murdock couldn’t slap his bum any more, and looked at Murdock sitting on top of him with a slight smile.
“Glad Hannibal and BA aren’t here tonight. They could get the wrong idea.”

“Just innocent games, Faceguy. Nothin’ more.” Murdock said, stroking Face’s chest gently with his right hand.  Murdock let his hand linger over Face’s trousers and the growing bump, and smiled knowingly.

Face moaned, and tried to get away.  Murdock almost allowed him to move out of his grasp, and then pulled his trousers sharply, bringing Face back to him and removing his trousers both at the same time. Face gasped as his erection stood proudly in front of Murdock’s chest, feeling humiliated.

“Wow, you get real big Faceman” Murdock admitted, looking at the huge organ before him.  “Looks kinda inviting, kiddo”.

“Your kidding!” Face shouted, shocked.  “We’re friends”.

“Flirty friends. Well this time, I aint letting you get away Facey. You’re mine tonight, and not BA or Hannibal can charge in on us. We have the whole house here.”  Murdock stroked Face’s penis, letting his fingers remain at the tip, rubbing gently.

“Murdock!!” Face shouted, feeling his passion and longing to bring Murdock down on top of him.

Murdock denied Face this, and watched him struggle in ecstasy before him.

“You ever been with another guy before?” Murdock asked.

“No” Face choked.  “You?”

Murdock grinned.  “All the time ....”

Face looked at Murdock squarely, trying to detect the look he knew when Murdock was joking, but Murdock seemed to be deadly serious.

“I have always been curious” Face admitted, allowing Murdock’s hands to finger his penis without struggling.  Droplets of pre-cum covered Murdock’s fingers as he worked the organ gently and passionately.

“Curious?  Oh, Face!” Murdock knelt down and sucked Face’s penis into his mouth, covering the whole length with his lips, letting the organ slide slightly down his throat.
“Murdock!!!!” Face screamed, as he pumped against Murdock’s head, moving faster as he felt his orgasm rippling through his body. He felt his cum shoot down Murdock’s throat and shouted in pleasure.

“Hmmmmmm” Murdock sighed, letting the limp organ escape from his mouth, and he licked the last drops of cum from the organ with his tongue before letting it go. “You taste like peaches, Face”.

Face smiled and began to laugh. The after-warmth of sex making him light headed and giggly.  “I wonder what you taste like, Murdock?” Face asked.

“Peaches and cream” Murdock responded flatly.  Face burst out into laughter, and pulled Murdock underneath him.  

“Well, a statement like that deserves a test” Face said authoritatively, undoing the buckle of Murdock’s jeans, and removing his underpants.  The quivering wet cock met his eyes, and he started to stroke the shaft, watching the organ stiffen with hungry eyes.

“You want me to love you?” Face asked, watching Murdock tremble in pleasure.

“YES!!” Murdock screamed, feeling the coming orgasm consume his thoughts.
Face smiled, glad to have gained control of Murdock, and started to lick around the base of the shaft, moving upwards to the tip, his tongue circling the slit, and entering gently, sending shivers up Murdock’s whole body.

Face watched excitedly as Murdock’s entire body was prone, awaiting the moment when Face would swallow his organ.  Face took the entire penis into his mouth, moving up and down on the organ, feeling the ripples of pleasure make his partner shout in pleasure.  As he felt the cum soar down his throat he sighed contentedly.

“Peaches and cream” Face mumbled, licking his lips, and kissing Murdock fully on the mouth.

“Aherm .....”

Face and Murdock looked up, astonished as they realised BA and Hannibal were standing above them, looking rather embarrassed, Hannibal deeply crimson.

“What’s happening here, Captain? Lieutenant?”  Hannibal asked, the anger masking the concern in his expression.

“Nothin’” Murdock said, as if he and Face were watching a basketball game together, and didn’t have their pants around their ankles, kissing on the floor.

Hannibal shook his head.  “Have you two been drinking?”

Face shook his head.  “No Colonel, we haven’t”.

“Then how do you explain what I’m seeing here?” Hannibal asked. BA looked furious, making his knuckles crack in anger.

“That’s easy” Face said, assuming his natural class and did up his trousers quickly.

“So?” BA asked, his voice straining with anger.

“We are going out together, and there’s not a thing you can do about it.” Face explained gently, squeezing Murdock’s hand tightly.

Murdock grinned and looked at Face.  “That a proposal, Face?”

“Well, don’t you agree its about time?” Face asked.

Murdock sighed happily and looked at Face contentedly.

Hannibal turned to BA, and BA simply shook his head.  “As Face said, tis about time” BA said, winking at the two men on the floor.

“Well, what about the team!!” Hannibal roared.

“Don’t worry, Hannibal” Face assured him. “We aren’t getting married ....”

“ ..... yet” Murdock cut in.

Face smiled and asked gently. “Is that a proposal, Murdock?”

Murdock produced a small box.  “I’ve been waiting forever to give this to you.”

Hannibal watched enraged as a small ring was placed on Face’s marriage finger, and Murdock and Face kissed deeply.

BA started to laugh. “This is funny”.

Hannibal shook his head, and stormed out of the room to think quietly.  In a way, he wished BA hadn’t fixed the van and the weather hadn’t eased.  Now he had a damned wedding on his hands. Cursing his streak of bad luck, Hannibal went away to practice a speech he had for many years rehearsed waiting for Face and Murdock to finally get it together and marry.

Now all Hannibal had to do was tell BA, somehow, that he was in love with him .....

THE END.  (......?)