The Millennium Epic Through Adversary, Love Blooms Unhindered

Title:     Team Meeting UNCENSORED!!!   

Summary:   A Team meeting goes way, way beyond talking.  

Rating:     NC-17

Author:   Hannurdock

"Alright, what’s up with you two" Hannibal said warningly, watching Face and Murdock holding hands, and smiling goofily at him.

"We just playin’" Murdock said, squeezing Face’s hand hard.

"Playing what? Queer street? Look this isn’t funny."  Hannibal placed his hands on his hips and felt like a scolding parent.

"Queer street?" Murdock mused. "Interesting concept.  Would everyone be able to express their feelings openly with each other?"

Hannibal sighed.  "Murdock, being open is good.  Having sex is what’ll bring the team down - it muddies our thinkin’ and distorts our reality. We have to keep on the cutting edge, else we’ll end up in the stockade."

Murdock sighed and looked at Face.  Face shrugged, and smiled.

"What’s up? What are you two scheming?" Hannibal asked suspiciously.

"Hey, BA!!!" Murdock shouted.  BA emerged from the door, where he’d been listening intently to the dialogue between the three men, and smirked at Hannibal.

"Tell Hannibal what we are going to play tonight" Face said softly, touching Hannibal softly with his hand gently brushing Hannibal’s bare leg.  Hannibal started, and moved away, a slight yearning evident in his eyes, along with a fierce detachment.

"We’re gonna play Roll Over" BA smiled, and closed the door, forcefully guarding it.

"And Hannibal came, and the Faceman said, roll over, roll over" Murdock sang, his erotic thoughts making his penis throb with longing.

"Shut up!  This is serious!" Hannibal complained, backing away, wondering if the window was the only way out.  Before Hannibal reached the window, however, BA moved forward and kissed Hannibal on the mouth fully.  Hannibal resisted for an instant, and then returned the kiss with full force, his tongue seeking out the dark corners and forbidden bounty which he had been denied so long.  He wound his arms around Baracus’ waist and drew him close.

"What’s going on?" Hannibal muttered softly, his eyes closing as his head sought the safety of BA’s massive chest.  Hannibal felt himself lifted over to the bed and then dropped roughly on the soft and bouncy king-size.  He looked around himself and felt a sudden rush of sexual need overtake him as he saw Murdock and Face steadily undressing in front of him.  BA was doing the same.

This can’t be happening, thought Hannibal.  BA, Murdock and Face surrounded him, clothing him in their nakedness, ripping violently at his shirt, his pants, his underwear.  Hannibal felt his clothes peeling away.

He lay there between the three men, naked and yearning. His penis erect, he watched their naked bodies as they moved to a better position around him.

"What’s the plan, Colonel?"  Murdock asked, his voice edged with passion.  Hannibal looked at them and blinked in surprise. They were waiting for a plan, yet Hannibal was for the first time, completely taken aback.

"I know a plan" BA growled. "Face, you stay up by his head, and fuck his mouth with your tongue, Murdock you work his middle body ...."

"And you?" Face asked.

"I get his cock." BA grinned with pleasure, his head dropping to the penis, and looking at it hungrily.

"Fuck my mouth with your tongue?" Hannibal asked, drowsy on pleasure.

"He means I’m a great kisser. I can make people orgasm just through kissing them" Face stated proudly.

Murdock leant down and kissed Hannibal on the chest,as Face bent over Hannibal and kissed him tenderly at first, then with increasing force, BA licked the shaft of Hannibal’s penis gently. Hannibal groaned as he felt his pleasure mounting, and then ebbing.  Face’s kiss was like drowning in a sea of pleasure, Hannibal was lost in the sensation. BA worked Hannibal’s penis passionately until Hannibal cried out in pleasure.  BA swallowed the cum, and watched Hannibal’s flushed cheeks with a glowing pride.

"Who’s turn is it now?" Hannibal asked, looking at the three men.  BA and Murdock turned to Face who backed away.

"Maybe not ...." Face began as he felt BA and Murdock’s arms around him, throwing him onto the bed roughly.  Hannibal kissed him roughly on the lips.

"Not gonna get away from us that easily, Hmmmmmmm not with a kiss like that ...." Hannibal kissed Face.

"I got an idea!" Murdock said excitedly, drawing a small tube of lubricant from the beside table.

Hannibal looked suspiciously at the tube. "What’s that for?"

"You’ll find out!" Murdock said.  "BA lie on your back on the bed!"

BA complied, and Murdock applied the lubricant to his penis and then gestured for Hannibal to help raise Face above BA.  BA reached up to help, protectively holding Face’s vulnerable body in his huge hands.  Murdock kissed Face’s penis, making Face cry out in pleasure, and applied the lubricant to his fingers, easing the gel into Face’s ass, and massaging the hole gently.

Face trembled a little as he was lowered, from behind, onto BA’s stiffened penis, and cried out in a little pain as the penis slid slowly up his asshole. BA stopped for a moment, allowing Face time to recover, and then lay him gently on top of him.

"God, I’m gonna come!" BA groaned, trying to control his growing passion.

"Now what?" Hannibal asked, quite amused at BA and Face lying on top of each other, connected that way.  

"You on top!" Murdock exclaimed.

"No, I’ve had my turn, you on top" Hannibal ordered, moving Murdock around by the shoulders and laying him on top of Face, face-down.  Face felt Murdock’s engorged penis against his own and cried out in pleasure as they began to rock against each other.  BA groaned in agony, pain and pleasure, as he felt his orgasm shoot through him, the pain of the two men above him turning into extasy.

Face and Murdock picked up the pace, feeling Hannibal parting their legs and kissing their organs, massaging them with expert hands.  As the orgasms rippled through their bodies like lightning, they gasped and Murdock collapsed, making BA more uncomfortable.

"Damn foo’, get off!" BA complained as he gently rolled Face and Murdock to one side, and watched them collapse against each other, immediately asleep.

"Awwwwwww. How sweet" Hannibal sighed, watching them as they slept against each other.

"Well, this team meeting has certainly become an eventful evening"  Hannibal lit a cigar, and gestured for BA to rest his head on his chest.

BA looked tired, his eyes began to close and he mumbled against Hannibal’s chest. "hmmmmm, nothing quite like a foursome......"

Hannibal closed his eyes and repeated softly.  "That’s right, nothing quite like a foursome......"