The Millennium Epic Through Adversary, Love Blooms Unhindered

TITLE: The Lover

AUTHOR: Hannurdock


WARNINGS: Sexy Vamping Sequence

STORY TYPE: Third Person / Crossover

CATEGORY: Horror, Vampires, Homoeroticism, Crossover with 'Interview with the Vampire'


DISCLAIMER: The characters are property of Cannell and company. I just write about them.

Face left the rest of the team sleeping soundly in their respective bedrooms and crept down the stairs, and into the lounge. Sighing to himself, he poured himself a scotch, and drained the glass whole. Shakily pouring himself another glass he drained this one too, and a third. On the fourth scotch, he began to feel better about doing this.

Moving, somewhat unbalanced towards the door, he opened it silently, careful not to make a sound that might wake the sleeping inhabitants and walked outside, confronted by the bitter cold already.

Face was not dressed practically in his pajamas and robe, and looked around himself, from one side of the street to the other, and then felt an arm on his shoulder. He turned hastily to see the tall, wavy haired blonde with stunningly unnatural eyes looking directly into his own.

"Lestat, I’ve told you. We have to stop meeting like this. Hannibal’s gonna find out" Face whispered.

Lestat, his hair sweeping over his shoulders like a lion’s mane smiled at Face, who drew back when he saw the slight fangs in fear. Lestat drew forward, still holding onto Face’s shoulder, and pulled Face closer to him.

"Why would that worry me?" Lestat wondered, his eyebrows knitted together not in confusion, but in mockery of Face’s worry.

"Look, I don’t want them hurt. I never meant to fall for you." Face turned around, slightly ashamed of being in love with the vampire, perhaps more of the fact that Lestat was a man.

"Its alright" Lestat beamed, victory in his voice. "I won you over anyway."

"Why?" Face asked, his voice slightly raised, the shame and fear making his voice break. He held his hands out, freezing cold in the night and Lestat took hold of them, drawing them closer. Face felt no warmer, even though Lestat had killed this evening already, and settled his head against Lestat’s chest.

"Your freezing cold." Lestat commented, and drew Face over to a bench. He opened his massive fur coat and signalled for Face to get inside.

"I fell in love with your beauty, Templeton. I fell in love with your seemingly simple facade, so deep and complex inside. I quite simply fell in love with you.” Lestat kissed Face’s hair, it smelled fresh and clean. He lifted Face easily to his feet and then put his arms around Face tightly.

Face held on as he felt the rush of wind around him, and suddenly found they had stopped at a waterfall in a crowded jungle of trees and bushes. Face looked around himself, his slippers crackling the branches beneath his feet as he walked. Lestat walked directly behind him.

"Where have you brought me?" Face asked.

"A nameless jungle. One of many, like the one you fought in. Why do you live like this, Tempelton, I could take you away from it all. Give you what billions have dreamed of, give you excess and take you away from death which is so close to you." Lestat sat on the ground, oblivious of the wetness and looked at Face. Face sighed.

"I’m a commando, Lestat. I can’t leave my unit"

Lestat rose suddenly and moved towards Face like a flash of lightening. Face did not see the sudden movement until Lestat was by his side. Then he realised why Lestat had moved with such urgency. A boa constrictor slithered above his head looking monstrous in its size, moving around Face’s body. As it wound around more tightly, and Face began to choke, Lestat shook his head.

"So vulnerable. I could take advantage of this position you’re in, Face. Let the snake squeeze all but the last drops of life from your body and give you back strength unimaginable through my blood. Enhance you tenfold." Lestat watched as Face began to choke, waiting for Face to call his name to assist him.

Face waited for Lestat to aid him, he felt the snake become tighter around him. He would not call out, he was a soldier. And soldiers die, don’t they? He felt his breath leave him in ragged short breathes, and watched Lestat, his eyes filling with tears.

"Say it" Lestat commanded.

Face shook his head and waited to die, feeling his bones crack, feeling his whole body sink and become numb.

There was suddenly a blur of activity as Lestat whipped the snake away from Face’s body. He glared at the snake with hatred as it slithered and set fire to it with his mind. Then he sat beside Face, who looked up at Lestat in horror.

"Why didn’t you ask me to help you?" Lestat asked, listening to Face’s pain and suffering through his breathing. He smiled down at the broken man, still beautiful, his life force beginning to ebb.

"I’m a soldier ...." Face managed to choke.

"Live by the sword ...." Lestat sighed, and leant over to kiss Face fully on the lips. Face panicked for a moment, as he couldn’t breathe properly, and felt the unmistakable taste of Lestat’s blood in his mouth.

Oh, the memories of the times Lestat had shared this amazing secret with him, this opening of both their souls, locking them together in unity. Face likened it to the act of making love, but nothing surpassed this experience, this wonderful feeling of complete oneness.


When Face had been injured by a gunshot years before, Lestat had been sitting in a restaurant conversing with his vampire fledgling David Talbot. He had watched the young man touch the blood seeping from his stomach wound with a hint of regret. The man was so beautiful, almost as if he’d been sculpted by an angel.

Lestat listened for the ambulance, but there was none. He was in two minds whether to call for one, but he knew that Face would never survive the journey. So he decided on simple course of action. Drawing up his shirt sleeve, he bit into his wrist, and sealed the bleeding wound against Face’s hurt chest. Face gasped as the feeling of unnatural blood and his own mixed together to create the healing that would close the skin. Face felt his wound close and looked up at Lestat in both amazement and gratitude.

Lestat smiled. He wondered whether to leave now, but the amazingly beautiful man on the ground was far to weak to be left alone. A mugger, a thief would easily overwhelm him, and finish him off.

Leaning over Face, Lestat picked him up off the ground. Faced with this unnatural, almost angelic prescence, Face uttered not a word. He believed he was dying, and this was the last vision before the curtain dropped and the play ended.

Lestat drew Face’s head to his throat, and Face felt Lestat’s skin against his mouth. He watched in horror as Lestat cut his throat and the blood seeped down onto Lestat’s collar.

Face cupped his mouth against the wounds, and felt himself sigh as he started to drink. The experience was something he had never before felt, floating through a wilderness of memories, mixed memories, some of Lestat and some of his own. He felt the demon Lestat was, the vampire, and yet he was drawn unexplainably towards his throat, sucking the blood as if it were the water of life, the only way to quench the ultimate thirst.

Then Lestat had pulled back suddenly, and put a finger to Face’s lips. "Not yet, baby. You need to live a little first". Face stood easily, strengthened by the blood Lestat had given him and looked around himself. He would never view the world the same again .....

Two years after that, he had been injured again. Lestat watched the blood flowing from two wounds worryingly close to his heart and shook his head. He had asked Face whether he wanted immortality then, and Face had refused it. Since then, Lestat had been trying to persuade Face to join him as a vampire, fearing his time was closing to an end.


Face felt the blood in his mouth, and lifted his head, desperatly seeking more. Lestat drew back, and Face realised the blood had come from a slit Lestat had made with his fang teeth on his lip.

"..... Die by the sword. Is that how you want it to be?" Lestat asked.

Face was afraid, not of the death but of the pain of being crushed. He felt sure he was dying, but he would never ask Lestat to bring him over. All the people he would kill, all the lives that would be lost to save his. That’s not what being a soldier was all about, lives of the few to save the lives of the many .....

Lestat sighed. "I won’t let you go, Tempelton"

"You can’t force me" Face said, his eyes dying, his vision blurring.

Lestat knowingly lifted Face from the ground and wrapped him securely in his arms. "You think so, ‘Lieutenant’? I have many plans for you, places for you to see, things for us both to do. I will not allow anything to come between us, including death".

Lestat smiled sadly, as Face’s head rolled back weakly. He saw the vein in Face’s neck and drew closer to it, his mouth pressed against Face’s skin, making Face jump in pleasure. "Drink from me and live forever ..." Lestat said against the skin. Face moaned, and tried to protest, but it was too late.

Lestat broke the skin gently, his fang teeth expertly cutting into the vein, and a spurt of blood hit his throat. Face gasped, as the slight pain subsided to the memories, the distant longings and dreams returning as Lestat drank.

Face felt himself being drained and tried to speak, he was terribly afraid suddenly, and he felt as if he would die.

Soon, Face became too weak to think, and he closed his eyes and waited for death, Lestat holding his head firmly with his right hand, his left wrapped around Face’s body holding him closely to his chest.

Face didn’t feel Lestat withdraw from his neck, he didn’t feel Lestat’s wrist against his mouth and the blood seep into his throat. Suddenly Face jerked forward, his fingers closing around Lestat’s wrist, sucking. He felt Lestat’s other hand brush a few stray dark blonde strands away from his eyes as he continued to suck hard.

Gasping for breath, Face continued, drawing back the blood Lestat drank from him, and he felt Lestat’s body sag by his side, and grow limp. Finally, Face could not drink any more and he let go of Lestat’s wrist and looked around himself.

His vision was magnified tenfold as he looked into the night. It was amazing to hear the animals and concentrating on one animal, he could hear them from miles away. Face panicked as he saw Lestat lying lifeless on the ground, and was suddenly paralyzed with the sudden fear that maybe Lestat had let him take too much blood and was dead.

Lestat opened his eyes, as if in response to this silent plea, and sat up shakily beside Face, watching his reactions to his new abilities. Lestat smiled ruefully.

"You’ll have tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow"

Face smiled at that, and moved closer to Lestat, feeling his wastes leave him as he settled into Lestat’s lap and closed his eyes. He felt the warmth of the coat surround him and knew Lestat was taking him with the speed of concord somewhere into the night.

But Face didn’t care. He was relaxed and sleepy, and his new abilities were wearing his soul. He just wanted sleep. More than that, his mind was spinning with the possibilities of this rebirth and new beginning. Now, all he had to do, was rope the other members of the A-Team into accepting this gift of eternity themselves.

His future had never seemed so clear.